6th bitcoin payment from CoinPot

Coinpot is a micro-wallet on which you can instantly cashout cryptocurrencies from some famous faucet. Coinpot allow you to get Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dogecoin, Dash and Litecoin. Every time you make a claim from a sponsored faucet you get also 3 token that you can convert on any of supported cryptos. Here our 6th payment from Coinpot using Bitcoin. To start to earn Bitcoin register a free account on Coinpot, then enter using your email on this three faucet: Moonbitcoin, Bitfun, Bonusbitcoin. You’ll get all your claims in the same Coinpot account and then you’ll able to cashout in to your own wallet

  • Moonbitcoin: it’s one of the most famous faucet on the web. Claim every 5 minutes your free Bitcoin. See your amount to claim every minutes. Satoshis to claim increase until your next claim. Being active and referring people you can earn even more getting up to +300% claim bonus. Join now
  • Bitfun: claim free btc every three minutes. Amount to claim increase every minute and it increase until your next claim. 50% referral earning. Join now
  • Bonusbitcoin: another nice faucet. Claim every 15 minutes. Enter in the claim setting to choose to get a random amount or if you want to claim average and fixed amount (recommended). 50% referral earning. Join now

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