8BIT: legit site or scam? | Review

8bit.ltd is a cryptocurrency investment site, online and paying since 2018. Currently 8bit is one of the most enduring and appreciated experiences. Investments are possible using different cryptocurrencies, withdrawals are instant and you can also earn free Dogecoin using the 8Bit Faucet Telegram once a day.


8BIT is a project owned by Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd, which has 4 offices with different functions in four different countries (Virgin Island, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles and Singapore). As we learn from the site, the company’s activity is mainly aimed at the following activities:

  • mining of promising cryptocurrencies using the 8bit algoritm;
  • buying promising cryptocurrencies at a low price;
  • bot-trading: using a semi-automatic process to make money from trading

These are the main investments that Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd makes with the money raised through the 8bit.ltd platform. The detailed data of the activity are not shared, but it must be said however that no one has ever had negative experience in 3 years and 8bit.ltd offers a reasonable and sustainable interest rate, which could make the project stable for a long period.



8BIT.LTD differs slightly from other similar projects. In fact, the packages are designed for a medium-long time span, ranging from plans lasting 1 month to plans lasting over 100 months! The ROI is quite reasonable and not excessive, which could make the project quite sustainable. In addition, packages are sold in limited numbers and are not always available. Interest credits are paid daily (0.025-0.05% daily), while the initial investment back at the end of cycle.

As you can clearly see from the image, 8BIT also offers very long-term plans with a significant return on capital. Short-term plans within 12 months offer a very reasonable, sustainable and credible return. We believe that the choice of the long term is due to the type of activity of 8Bit, namely the purchase and mining of promising cryptocurrencies, which need their time to give results. Positions are opened on a cyclical basis and only for a limited number. Investments are possible in many different cryptocurrencies, as well as in dollars and euros through the PerfectMoney e-wallet. Each position is independent from the others and follows its own cycle, so you can buy multiple positions of different types. For Bitcoin the minimum investment is currently BTC 0.0003, while the maximum amount is Btc 0.2. Withdrawals are instant, alternatively you can choose to reinvest directly from the balance account



8BIT rewards its members by giving away thousands of Dogecoins every day. If you are subscribed to 8bit, then also follow the telegram faucet and ask for a bonus in Dogecoin every 24th. The accreditation is at least 1 Doge per day.


8BIT also has a very interesting affiliate program that allows you to receive a percentage of your affiliates’ investment. The main features of the program are as follows:

  • you will receive the commission both for direct investments and for reinvestments made from the balance account. The commission is credited with the same currency used by your affiliate;
  • you will receive 0.5% commission for a base period of 30 days. If your affiliate makes a 30-day investment, you will receive 0.5% at the time of the investment. If your affiliate make a 12-month investment, you will receive 0.5% every month! 


We cannot say if and for many times 8BIT will be able to keep its promise. Certainly 3 years of activity with instant payments are an important goal and a little confidence can be given to this project. The positive sides are the sustenaible ROI that give stability to the project. The most hasty users will not be satisfied with 28% yearly of the 12-month plan, but haste does not always bring results. The risk is low, the minimum investment is only $20 and the company has always honored its commitments with instant payments and without disruptions. Our experience is positive, the investments we tested are at 1, 6, 36 and 60 months. We still have active positions and we will working with 8bit. To try it click on the banner below.

Gain Solid Profit with 8 Bit

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