– Scam or Legit? | Review is an investment site with a profit sharing system, which deals with affiliate marketing and online sales through an automated process. Using the budget of the investor users, the platform invests in google ads, facebook ads and other advertising networks. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and their MarketBot, the platform would be able to generate sales and profit for users. An idea that, although brilliant, hides some critical issues that, for intellectual honesty, we do not omit. (But we hope that time will prove wrong).


Artificial intelligence applied to affiliate marketing is an ever-expanding technique that allows you to automate and optimize the promotion and conversion processes of advertising campaigns. There are other companies that exploit (or claim to exploit) artificial intelligence. In trading industry, for example, the fashion for bots and automatic earnings has spread. For example, Mind.Capital is a site launched at the end of 2019 that operates in the field of cryptocurrency arbitrage which, through artificial intelligence, generates automatic profits for investors. An apparently winning idea that has however been slowly dying out (if the robot is infallible, why discontinue it after years of alleged programming?). Unfortunately, most of the “automatic arbitrage projects” known up to now tend to be wrecked. operates in a different sector, namely that of affiliate marketing. However, also promotes an automatic system. The company uses a Market Bot, an artificial intelligence that is said to be able to analyze the trends of the moment and report which are the best products to sponsor on advertising network. Trivially, if from the analysis of the MarketBot it turns out that users are looking for masks, it will signal the team to put advertisements for the sale of masks which, being a highly sought after product, will be more likely to be sold than  a travel bag. 


The process is as follows:

  • the bot market analyzes trends
  • the staff based on the data provided by the market bot creates targeted campaigns using the budget invested by users;
  • users, as lenders, are entitled to a share of the sales commission and receive cashback.


The distribution of the cashback deriving from the sale is divided as follows: 55% to the user and 45% to Part of the proceeds of ends up in a fund called the Market Protect Fund, which should cover the cashback reserved for the user even when the sale is canceled.


HOW TO REGISTER ON AI.MARKETING is connected to To register, you do not need to fill in any form, but you can log in using the Inb Network credentials, or from your google, Vk (Russian social network) or wechat account. Since the two networks are connected, it is advisable to first open an account on and log in automatically with the credentials created on this network.

Click on the SIGN IN / SIGN UP button at the top right and click on the first icon.



Create your account with and use this data to log in automatically. Membership in the INB network allows you to get additional bonuses if you decide to take advantage of the marketing plan of the network. From what we have been able to see, the INB network is basically a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) platform.



As we said,‘s business is based on the collection of money from users which is then invested in online marketing campaigns based on the study of market trends analyzed by a Market Bot. So the system to work needs a constant advertising budget in order to operate. initially offers a $ 50 welcome bonus to start a trial of the Market Bot.  Once the Market Bot has used all the $ 50 bonus, it will be necessary to invest to add new advertising budget and restart campaigns. The cashback from the sales made with the bonus will remain in your account, but $ 50 bonus will need to be refunded.



As you can see from the image, the trial budget generated $74 in cashback, but $50 must be returned and therefore the actual and net bonus is $24. To get the initial bonus of $50 you will need to select TOP UP from the left menu, then open the drop-down menu and choose the gift bonus from the top-up systems and to enter the code UD5D-69TF-DEBZ-8PI3 as you see in the image.



Subsequently, after running out of advertising credit as a gift, you will necessarily have to invest from $ 70 to $ 100 to be able to restart the Market Bot and be able to reach the $150 necessary for the first withdrawal. You can request payment by going to TRANSFER, selecting the amount to be withdrawn and the withdrawal method. Once you have returned your $ 50 bonus credit and cashed back your initial $100, you can start investing directly using cashback. (TOP UP >> SELECT METHOD >> USE CASHBACK). The strategy of many users is precisely to recover the first investment and then top up only using cashback.

Note: Each charging method has a different minimum. Eg Payeer: $ 10 (how to open Payeer account) – Visa / Mastercard $ 100. 



The $ 50 gift we redeemed was consumed in 9 days, so on average the Market Bot consumed just over $5 per day, making 23 sales for a total around $5000, accruing cashback of around $ 74. In many cases the stores are Russian e-commerce. The details of your budget can be viewed on STATS, while the stores from which sales were made can be viewed on SALES. The site only provides the supplier, but no other details are specified (such as the network on which the advertisement was made or the buyer’s nationality). has been sponsored for several months now and although in many cases a healthy skepticism remains alive, it can be said that the percentage of approval is very high. The satisfaction does not surprise us, given the expected returns and the good functioning of the Market Bot as you have seen from our test carried out with the $ 50 bonus. But is all that glitters gold? We cannot say that is a scam, because at the moment no one has been scammed and therefore on the basis of current experience we can have reasonable doubts inspired by the principle of prudence but the program is currently paying and we do not receive reports of major problems .


So what are the most critical aspects of this business?

  • Little transparency: first of all the owner is unknown and the company remains substantially anonymous in its work. The platform turns and pays, but no one knows who is behind it. Furthermore, the company has no social channels.
  • “Too” positive results: In affiliate marketing, a conversion rate is considered good (ie how many visits turn into sales) between 1 and 3% (data from the Awin network), while according to the statistics we have collected the results of are always between 10% and 20%, exceptionally high values. The visits / views ratio, on the other hand, is around 50%, in practice one visit every 2 views, also particularly high.
  • Detailed statistics: the program offers an overview of the partners on which the sale has been concluded. Essential data is missing: on which advertising network was the campaign carried out? Nationality of the buyer? These data are important and should be disclosed to give greater credibility.
  • Budget and campaigns: another criticism that we can make to the program is about how the ads budget is allocated. How are cashbacks assigned to individual users? If there are 1000 users with a $5 advertising budget, you can’t believe that they will create 1000x$5 campaigns. Let’s imagine two users investing the same amount, at the same time: how do we know that it is User1’s $ 5 and not the User2’s $5 that generates a certain sale? Also considering that in all likelihood the same shops will be advertised, it would be a strange mechanism. It is much more logical to assume a global advertising pool, with daily distribution based on the individual budget. Our bot spent $5 a day, but with that budget in one day it managed to sell from 4 different stores, which means $ 1.25 campaigns were run for each store (which is a ridiculous and often fruitless budget). Here, too, the results seem a bit forced. Much more likely, therefore, that there is an algorithm capable of distributing more or less equally among the subscribers the results achieved by much more massive campaigns.


Obviously, critical ideas are a must: all businesses should be analyzed in detail before taking any action and it seemed right to do a more in-depth analysis of the somewhat forced aspects of Having said that, as we have already pointed out, many users limit themselves to an investment of $100, recover the same and then scale the system by reinvesting the cashback. So what do I do, do I invest or not? But is it safe or not? For sure there is nothing, not even Juventus ‘victory over Benevento (recent match from Italian Football League): if you had bet $100 on Juventus’ “sure” victory you would have lost $100, just as you could lose them with a $100 scratch card. If you decide to invest in, as well as in any other online business, always try to get the maximum result with the minimum risk and always experience your investment a bit like a bet that can be won or lost.

To try it out, you can take advantage of the $50 bonus (code UD5D-69TF-DEBZ-8PI3) and if you are satisfied, like many, make a small $ 100 investment to recover immediately and, subsequently, reinvest only the cashback obtained.

ps. need 2/3 days from when you redeem the bonus and the market bot start. If you do not want that Market Bot turn Off, refills your advertising budget before Market Bot use all the available budget. 

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