ApplePTC: ptc’s review

ApplePTC is an online PTC since 2009, purchased and owned since 2017 by Reba Flannery and probably connected to, a site that sells scripts and templates to create PTC. After years online almost anonymously, ApplePTC has been gaining a lot of visibility in the last period. The gain is in dollars, while payments are made in Bitcoin. The project offers numerous earning methods and many incentives to obtain advertising credits for free.




ApplePTC has many systems to make money. The site seems well structured and offers good incentives for the activity, both monetary and in advertising credits

Paid To Click: earn by clicking advertising links on ApplePTC. Navigation is very simple and fast thanks to the surf mode: you will automatically go to the next link.

Paid To Promote: PTP can be a profitable feature if you have cheap or free web traffic. Check the list of approved sites, not all sites are liked by ApplePTC. We currently recommend: Cashtravel, Serfbux and Yourptcbiz. 

Sign-up bonus: every time you’ll refer a new user you’ll get $ 0.05 in cash and another $0.05 in the purchase balance. You also receive up to 75% of earnings from your referrals

Harvest Grid: the classic advertising grid with which you can win some extra money. 25 daily clicks allowed and maximum winning $ 1.

Paid to Read and Paid To Sign Up: get extra income by reading advertisements or by subscribing to other sites

Daily Bonus: being active on ApplePTC is useful and convenient. The site rewards you based on your daily activity with a random daily bonus. Requiraments: 5 Ptc, 1 Paid to read, 5 traffic exchange and 15 clicks on the grid are the minimum activity to get the bonus. Receive withdrawable cash, purchase balance money or advertising credits.


If you want to increase your earnings, you can upgrade your account. Premium accounts offer numerous incentives and a fair number of advertising credits. The cost is therefore partially amortized also by the credits that you can use to promote. In addition to the credit bonus, you will also receive a daily login bonus. The costs are not excessive and are available both monthly and annually.



One of the aspects we like most about ApplePTC is that it allows you to get free advertising credits. If you are looking for credits to promote Rotate4all for free or some other Paid To Promote program, you may like ApplePTC.

ApplePTC offers a daily advertising credit bonus simply by logging in. Other credits can be obtained by carrying out the minimum daily activity. The TRAFFIC EXCHANGE function also allows you to get $ 0.001 for visit in the purchase balance that you can use to purchase any type of advertising. Also you can get random bonuses while you surfing. ApplePTC also offers the possibility of earning points, which can be spent in the Points Shop. For example, with just 1000 points you can buy 1 year of free advertising in the Grid Game.

Main prices:

  • $ 25 for 25,000 PTC credits
  • $ 125 for 500 PTSU credits
  • $ 7.50 for 365 days in the GRID
  • $ 100 per 100,000 Traffic Exchange credits

Another important function is the choice for banner advertising, which is both for views and for clicks (unlimited views, you pay only if the user clicks on your banner).


Payment can be made from $ 1 and the site pays exclusively in Bitcoin. The only negative note are the stringent conditions for requesting payment: in fact, you will have to be logged in during the last 30 days in order to request payment.

Although we have never asked for any payment, ApplePTC is a rewarding site that we like in many features and we will certainly continue to use if the experience is satisfactory and positive.

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