CoinAdster: earn Bitcoin every 5 minutes | Review

CoinAdster is an faucet online since 2019 and paying in Bitcoin, which allows you to request a free Bitcoin every 5 minutes. The faucet allows you to get your earnings instantly through FaucetPay starting as low as 1000 satoshis. In addition to the faucet function, CoinAdster also offers Ptc, Shortlinks, offers, surveys and numerous bonuses.

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The primary source of income on CoinAdster is the faucet. Thanks to frequent refreshes, you can make a new claim every 5 minutes. The site often offers a daily promo for a limited number of hours in which it will be possible to make a new request every minute!

Prizes range from 5.50 to 5.500.000 satoshi. By increasing your level you can get up to 1.40x more with each request. Your level depends of your total claims made.


Other ways to make money with CoinAdster are:

  • Ptc: 10/15 links to click per day 
  • Shortlink: similar to the PTC function, but the destination URL is interactive. About 60 links per day
  • Jobs: join other sponsored sites and receive a prize
  • Investment Game: Do you think the Bitcoin price will go up or down in the next five minutes? Place your bet using earnings and get 1.5x profit.
  • Offerwalls: extra earning possibilities by completing offers and surveys
  • Affiliate: invite your friends to join CoinAdster and earn 10% from their faucet earning, 5% from the offerwalls and 5% from  shortlinks


CoinAdster offers numerous incentives to support the activity of its members. For this reason, it offers additional prizes based on the activity carried out. In the Achievement section you will find a list of rewards that can be collected with your activity on the site. Furthermore, using faucet frequently will make you level up to 1.40x more gain.

In addition to the objectives to be achieved, there are also monthly and weekly contests. CoinAdster offers a monthly prize up to Btc 0.01 for those who get more referrals, and several thousand satoshis every week for the best active users in the ShortLink and Offerwalls sections. In short, gain brings gain.

To top it off: you fell luck? Well, each first of the month CoinAdster awards with BTC 0.001 prize a lucky user that will win the lottery prize. Ticket price: 10 satoshis.


CoinAdster has an affiliate program. Invite your friends to the program and get 10% from their faucet earnings, 5% from Offerwalls and Shortlink. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have.

Payments are send on your private wallet or via FaucetPay. You’ll get payment within two day on your private wallet (min 10.000) and instant on FaucetPay (min. 1.000) 

If you are a lover of Bitcoins and faucets, CoinAdster is definitely a good solution and a must have project. Frequent claims and instant payments are the strengths.


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