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Cointiply is a program that allows you to earn free cryptocurrencies online. One of the most popular platforms and probably the number one ever, with which you can earn with Faucet, Ptc, Offers and surveys. Cointiply also has many features and bonuses that will allow you to receive several extra coins. One of these functions is the BOOST PROGRAM, which allows you, through the use of some items, to receive a bonus on all offers for a limited time. With this guide I will explain you how to activate the PODs and how to maximize the profit using the program.




Perhaps browsing Cointiply you have seen this page but you have not understood how it works. Cointiply’s boost program is a feature that allows you to get extra income from all offers. Each time you perform an action on Cointiply, in addition to obtaining coins that can be withdrawn in Bitcoin and Dogecoin, you will also get points called CointiPoints. These points will allow you to increase your level and can be spent by purchasing Boxes called PODs. Each box contains three items that will allow you to get a boost, or an increase in earnings for a limited number of hours. However, it is not always possible to complete offers before the bonus time expires, so you need to have an offer ready to use to take advantage of the boost: for this we recommend using (read our review here)


cointiply boost earnings


As you can see in the image, each item allows you to obtain a certain cumulative percentage. Our advice is to accumulate many items and activate them only after you’ve earned many points on, in order to take advantage of all the bonuses at the same time and get many extra coins.

In the meantime, let’s see how you can get the “bonus items”. First click on COINTIPLY PROFILE and then on INVENTORY & PODS. Then choose one of the three packages available using the second button: BUY NOW – COINTIPOINTS. (Warning: if you use the first button to buy you will use your profit. Always use the second button!)


cointiply how to buy pods


A first classification of the items that you can find in the box is: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Obviously, the rarer an item, the higher its value will be.

Then there is a second classification of Pods, useful for understanding which ones to use, which ones to sell instantly and which ones to keep for collection and consume later:

  • CONSUMABLE: these PODS can be consumed and normally have a shelf life of a few hours. They can be as high as 6%. Consume those with percentages from 3% upwards and sell those from 2% downwards.
  • EQUIPPABLE: this type of article never expires, its duration is unlimited. You can activate up to 4 items of this type and benefit from their bonus forever. After you have used all available slots, instantly sell all items of this type.
  • COLLECTABLE: on some items you will see a pink button that says BELONGS TO COLLECTION. These items end up in a collection. Once the collection is complete you can get a higher BOOST or an instant reward. 


Cointiply items collections



When you have accumulated many items, you can consume them or trade them for immediate consideration. To do this, just click one of the two commands available in each article, as you can see in the next image.


Cointiply: how to consume items and boost your earning


After you have accumulated many items, it is time to use them all together to make a mass consumption and get the maximum possible bonuses. It is not always possible to find a survey available to take advantage of the bonus, so the best thing to do is to use offers that offer a safe and instant conversion, such as for example. The ideal is to earn several points on Hideout and convert them on Cointiply all together after you have added all the consumable items in the available slots. The slots that can be used are 12. The ideal is to be able to take advantage of a bonus between 30% and 40%. As you will see in the image we were able to convert our credit using a 37% boost bonus, which allowed us to obtain a bonus of 19248 Coins. This is certainly the best way to take benefit from the Cointiply bonus and also the best way to boost payout from For more details on the two programs: Cointiply Review | Review


Cointiply boosted earnings

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