Coronavirus: Bitcoin collapses, almost -50% in two days

While Italy is closed and the world looks with apprehension at the health emergency for the spread of Coronavirus, the first effects on international markets are beginning to be seen. Uncertainty and fear is leading to great concerns and this pushes the stock markets down.

Trump closes flights from Europe, Italy is isolated, China stops production, while Coronovirus continues to spread very quickly in Europe and worldwide. This climate of fear and uncertainty pushes the stock exchanges downwards: Wall Strett has suffered the worst collapse since 1987 (-10%), while Piazza Affari (Italy) for almost 17%.


Digital gold also suffers and with it the whole crypto sector has declined in the last few hours. Bitcoin in about 48 hours has lost almost 50% of its value. Bitcoin, which recently hit peaks even above $ 10,000, plummeted between $ 5,000 and $ 6,000. A sensational crash for the whole crypto sector and highlights an escape from the riskiest assets. Often equated to gold as a digital safe haven asset, Bitcoin is still perceived as a risky business and in an unpredictable global situation it has heavily paid for it.


We certainly do not suggest an escape from Bitcoin, on the contrary. These setbacks are physiological and quite frequent and it could be a good time to take advantage of the situation in view of future increases. This collapse could be a good time to join the world of cryptocurrencies or online earnings using Bitcoin. With such low prices, it could be the right day to proceed withwithdraw on all those projects that offer dollar earnings and Bitcoin payments (top of the moment: Cointiply, ApplePtc, AdFeedz). Good time also for faucet sites, since rates are now higher (Top: Freebitcoin, Bonubitcoin, Bitfun). Probably now a new season of fluctuations will open, if you don’t like to risk maybe it is the case to stay still and focus on free profit systems like the ones listed above, but if the risk does not scare you then it could be a good time to trade on crypto markets like Binance and Mercatox. But if you don’t have the patience to follow the swings full time, why not take advantage of eToro’s Copytrading, the first platform that allows you to earn by copying the best traders. If you simply want to buy  Bitcoins to keep them in your wallet then you can use trusted platform like CoinBase or Binance.

It is not a good time for the world, but  from  negative moments  like this that great opportunities could be grab.

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