Diversity-Fund: profit sharing platform paying since 2016. Upto 8% weekly | Review

Diversity-Fund is a Profit Sharing platform, online and paying since 2016, that allows you to earn passive income renting Profit Package. The rent of the packages allows you to receive daily earning from the revenues generated by the Diversity-Fund’s portfolio.

Thanks to the diversification of the portfolio, Diversity-Fund is able to produce income from external resources and part of this profit is distributed to holders of Profit Package. The average earnings vary between 5% and 8% per week. The platform mainly works in the fields of crypto mining, sports betting, crypto-currency trading and other opportunities. One of the aspects we like most about the Diversity-Fund is the maximum transparency on its activities: the entire portfolio is online and searchable, update weekly with protfolio results.


Diversity-Fund offers 3 ways to earn:

  • Business Directory Click – $ 0.004 per click
  • Profit Pack – to rent a profit pack allows you to receive a daily passive income, which fluctuates between 5% and 8% per week on average. Packs expire after they have accrued 120/125%.
  • Affiliation: earn 8% from your direct referrals.

To be able to cashout in you must have at least one active Profit Pack. There are 2 types of packs:

  • $ 25: they pay 120% and you can have up to 20 assets;
  • $ 50: they pay 125% and you can have up to 50 assets;

In order to receive the passive gain, no daily action is required.


Diversity-Fund accepts payments through the following systems: perfectmoney, payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Payments can be requested starting from $ 5 and are normally paid daily.

In our opinion DF look serious program, with active and professional team. A project you must have in your portfolio

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