FaucetCrypto: faucet multicoin | Review

FaucetCrypto is a multifunctional and multicurrency faucet, online and paying faucet since 2019. FC offers many tools to earn Bitcoin and Altcoin online for free. The project supports payments in as many as 18 cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the collaboration with FaucetPay you can ask instant payments for small amounts and without fees. Reach micro-objectives and increase your levels for higher remuneration.

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FaucetCrypto is very simple to use and has many ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: ShortLink, Faucet, Ptc, Offewall and Achievement (bonus).

  • Shortlink: this is the most popular feature. View sponsored external links to get paid. Guaranteed at least 25 shortlinks per day.
  • Faucet: FC allows you to make a claim every 40 minutes. 
  • Ptc: get paid to click link for a few second;
  • Offerwall: this section offers numerous offers and surveys to increase your earnings. Supported providers are Wannads, Survey Wall and OfferDaddy
  • Daily Bonus: Receive a daily bonus based on your level
  • Affiliation: get paid 25% from your referrals


FaucetCrypto offers numerous incentives to be active on the site in order to increase your earnings. Let’s see what Levels and Achievements are and what they are for.

Achievements are daily or weekly micro-goals that you can reach for bonuses. The bonuses could be coins or  experience points which allow you to increase your earning level. Once the objective has been achieved, the bonus must be requested by following the Achievement menu and clicking on CLAIM to collect the bonus. There are three different types of achievements:

  • ShortLink: 5 daily bonuses in experience points. Get up to 150 experience points every day by watching at least 25 shortlinks. Reset daily
  • Ptc: weekly bonus. Get 60 experience points and 90 Coins by clicking at least 25 ptc links. Reset weekly
  • Levels: increase your levels and get 9 bonuses. Thousands of Coins available. One time bonuses, they will not reset.

The Levels instead allow you to increase the gain you get from Ptc, ShortLink and Faucet. Each level increases your earnings value by 0.125% and there should be no maximum level attainable. The more active you are, the more you can earn. To increase your level on FaucetCrypto you just need to be active and get experience points using ShortLink, Ptc, Faucet and achieving Achievements.


FaucetCrypto allows you to withdraw in 18 different cryptocurrencies. Depending on the cryptocurrency selected to withdraw you will find a different wording:

  • DW (Direct Wallet): Payments on your private wallet
  • FP (Micro-wallet): instant payments on the Faucetpay micro-wallet. This is an excellent solution to obtain frequent payments and without fees. For more info about FaucetPay: read our review

Ultimately FaucetCrypto offers good possibilities for rounding up your cryptocurrencies. If you are starting out, it definitely allows you to earn your first Bitcoins for free and easily.

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