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Final Autoclaim Dutchy Corp is a multifunctional and multicoin faucet, paying and with a good reputation, which allows you to earn and collect up to 48 cryptocurrencies (even simultaneously). The AutoClaim function allows you to cash out your coins instantly. You can withdraw your coins on ExpressCrypto, FaucetPay, Coinbase or on a private wallet.


Final Autoclaim is a very rich platform, with many interesting and unique features, which allows you to have a profit higher than the other faucets. A project that deserves to be analyzed and deepened, because it can give you a lot of satisfaction. The site is very transparent and for all pages there is a window for more detailed information about the function you are using.

The earning system work with an internal token called DUTCHY TOKEN, which can be converted into one of the 48 available cryptocurrencies. For each cryptocurrency you can consult the conversion rate for 1 Dutchy in CLAIMS RATES. There are tons of ways to earn Dutchy tokens, as you can see from the image.

final autoclaim earning ways

Here are the main features and some practical advice to earn more:

FAUCET: Final Autoclaim has 2 faucets with timers every 30 minutes: the ROLL GAME, which allows you to earn Dutchy tokens and the COIN ROLL GAME, which allows you to earn a specific coin. A different coin will be offered each month. This month, as you can see from the image, you can earn Cardano (ADA). For each consecutive day you make at least one claim, you will earn 0.50% loyalty bonus up to a maximum of 60% per request. When making the claim you will find two buttons. By clicking on the right button you will see a short advertising video and this will give you an additional 50% bonus.


final autoclaim claim button

PTC and SHORTLINKS: there are two pages dedicated to paid to click. SURFADS, which allows you to view links for a few seconds in surf mode (without leaving the page). Links in PTC WALL have a higher value and must be clicked manually. Both sections have forced view, so the timer won’t run if you don’t stay on the page. The SHORTLINKS section has over 100 links. These links pay you more, but require more effort.

OFFERWALLS: This page gives you access to many offers that allow you to earn a large number of Dutchy. You will find surveys, offers such as downloading apps or completing subscriptions, videos and even ptc. The page is organized in a very simple way, with labels (Hot, fast, video, etc.) to help you quickly find what you need. Among all the providers we recommend using: Theorem Reach for surveys, which pays even when you are in target; easy, effortless and profitable are also and videos, which can be left open in auto mode; another easy system is AsianMag. If you are interested in clicking ads go to Clixwall, Skyppyads, Bitswall and Offer4all.



Final Autoclaim allows you to stake your earned Dutchy, earning interest in Dutchy or other tokens. If you want to build an income and passive income even without visiting the site every minute, you can stake your Dutchy and earn passive income. You can stake both by getting other Dutchy, and by getting tokens like Cardano, Atom and BitTorrent. You can unstake your Dutchy at any time with no cost. This is a share of our Dutchy that we have staked to get BitTorrent.


final autoclaim stake dutchy

Finally, there are bonuses for those who carry out actions on social networks (post and reviews) and a section dedicated to mining.


Each action you perform on Final Autoclaim will earn you XP, experience points. XP will allow you to increase your level and get a an autoclaim bonnus. Each level will increase your bonus and referral earnings by 0.2%. Also every 5 levels you will get a bonus in DUTCHY. The maximum level is 500.

final autoclaim level bonus



There are several ways to convert Dutchy and withdraw your favourite coin from Final Autoclaim. First of all we advise you to open an account on ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay in order to request payments with the Autoclaim function.

METHOD 1 – AUTOCLAIM: How does autoclaim work? It is a feature that makes you gradually convert Dutchy with instant withdrawal. Autoclaim allows you to get the level bonus on conversion. Go to the home page, select the (1) payment method (Express Crypto, FaucetPay or Balance Mode – get a 10% bonus if you convert to the balance), (2) the conversion speed and (3) the page refresh time. You can select one or more cryptocurrencies at the same time. Then, by clicking on Start Autoclaim, a page will be activated with a timer with the refresh time you set. Whenever the timer expires, the page refreshes and you receive your payment. In the example, we set up a Tron payment on ExpressCrypto, with a refresh time of 1 minute and we kept it open for 3 minutes. 

final autoclaim claim settings
final autoclaim payout

METHOD 2 – EXCHANGE: With this function you immediately convert all your Dutchy tokens into the balance. More immediate and direct, but you do not get the level bonus on conversion (for level 500 it is 100%). Furthermore, on the conversion in this way, a 5% fee is paid. Open the drop-down under your username, click on exchange, then set the tokens to be exchanged, the amount and press the exchange button.

final autoclaim exchange

Tip: you can use autoclaim in the background, so you can open it in another window while you keep to browse the web. If you use autoclaim for conversion, set BALANCE MODE, which gives you 10% additional bonus. To withdraw go to balance and when you have reached the minimum withdrawable, perform the manual withdraw.


Final Autoclaim has an affiliate program that allows you to receive:

  • 20% from Roll Game;
  • 10% from Offerwall
  • 20% from Shortlinks
  • 5% from autoclaim it they “Express Mode”

Every month there is a contest that rewards the 20 users with the most productive referrals.

The project is very complex, but it allows to obtain much more than the classic faucets. The use of Express Crypto and FaucetPay is recommended to facilitate the withdrawal processes. Final Autoclaim also has a younger brother, Express Auto, with two faucets every 60 minutes, one of which with direct withdrawal of the month’s coin.

DutchyCorp : Highest Paying AutoFaucet

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