Firefaucet: guide and review

FireFaucet is a website with which you can earn online and withdraw in 9 different cryptocurrencies. The platform offers several ways to earn: faucet, ptc, offerwall and shortlink. In addition to these direct modes, FireFaucet recognizes rewards based on activity.

If you are looking for projects with which to increase your collections on FaucetPay, FireFaucet allows payments on the micro-wallet starting from 10,000 satoshi.


FireFaucet is a multifunctional project, which offers several ways to make money online. Earnings are not credited directly in to crypto balance but you’ll earn ACP, a internal coin. This currency can be converted manually or in autoclaim mode. The exchange rate can change daily due to price fluctuations on the cryptocurrency market. Roughly we can say that 10 ACPs correspond to 1 a satoshi.

  • Faucet: you can claim every 30 minutes and you will receive a random amount of ACP.
  • Ptc: at least 50 ACP for each click. There are not many links to click, usually 1/5 a day.
  • ShortLink: the shortlink section offers some more possibilities, with an average of 2500/3000 ACP per day
  • Offerwall: this section also offers several opportunities to complete offers and surveys getting extra coin. Hottest partners are Theorem Reach and MoreQuizTime.

There is also a daily bonus and in addition FireFaucet offers an affiliate program with which you can earn 20% of all the coins earned by your referrals. If you are very active, also visit the TASKS menu: here you can request bonuses  based on your daily activity on Faucet and Shortlink.

Interesting functionality to earn extra Bitcoin is the levels. By subscribing to FireFaucet you will start from a level 1 and the more active you are, the more you will increase your level. Each level is awarded a prize in Bitcoin. There are 2000 levels to conquer and the maximum prize is 4008 Btc Satoshi.




Withdrawals from FireFaucet are possible in 9 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Tron, ZCash and DigiByte. You can convert the ACPs earned in the currency you prefer and can exchange at any time between one currency and another with the internal exchange.

Payments can be made on a private wallet (min. 30.000 satoshis) or on the FaucetPay account (10.000 satoshis) for all the supported coin. To request your payment, click on the arrow next to your name and click on WALLET BALANCE to open all the available options.


FireFaucet is free and without obligation, therefore there is no risk to join it. If you are looking for money to cashout on FaucetPay, FireFaucet can certainly make its contribution. The limitations and problems found in our test are mainly:

  • modest prizes for faucet and few PTC links
  • not always there are funds available to withdraw and not for all cryptocurrencies. You have to wait that crypto balance are FILLED. Until then you have to wait, or convert a cryptocurrency filled available for withdrawal.
  • popups and unwanted advertisements

Except for these small inconveniences that we hope will overcome, FireFaucet is a site that remains active and paying. To be used without too many expectations.


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