review – Win Bitcoin every hour is a faucet site where you can claim your free Bitcoin every hours. It is one of the best faucet. Use it is really easy: you must solve a captha hourly and play the free roll game to try to win up to $200 in Bitcoin. Every time you win something, depend of your winning number.


1 – Go to and register your account: you need a bitcoin address (if you don’t have, create one with or coinbase.), email and password.

2 – Login in your account, choose if you want auto-withdraw enable o disabled. If you enable your Bitcoin won will be send to your wallet every sunday. Minimum payout is 0.00030000 BTC.

3- Scroll the page and play your free game. Solve the captha and click roll. Depending of your lucky number you can win upto $200 in Bitcoin.

4- Wait 1 hour and come back to play again.


Freebitcoin offers a wide range of opportunities to increase your Bitcoins. The more active you are, the more you are rewarded. One of the main additional resources is the game of Hi – Lo with which you can bet your satoshis. You can research the best strategy to help you to grow your budget. Just be careful: not to force the hand with doubling so much. Give yourself a roof and this game can give you great satisfaction. The manual mode  is better istead of the automatic feature. Very interesting thing about the multiplier is that by playing it you’ll get a bonus, which you can then play separately: once the wagering requirements are met, the bonus flows into the budget.

Contest: monthly it is possible to participate in the rich Freebitcoin contest that assign up to $ 10,000 in Bitcoins to the first 10 users who have reached the highest total wager on the multiplier game. There is also another contest that assigns a prize to users with the best referral bettors.

Loyalty program: Each time you make a Claim you will receive 2 points. As well you’ll receive one point for each claim of your referrals and 1 point for every 500 satoshi wagered in the multiplier. The points can be converted into additional Bitcoins.

Lottery: Each time you make a Claim you will receive 2 tickets. Just as you will receive a ticket for each claim of your referrals and 1 point for every 500 satoshi wagered in the multipliers. The lottery is weekly. And attention: at weekends, points and tickets are paid up to x10.

Interest: you will receive an annual interest of 4.08% on stocks over 30,000 satoshis. Interest is paid on a daily basis

Other: one-off there is a semi-annual contest in which a Lamborghini is assigned. The possibility of betting on sporting events has recently been added


You can invite contacts to join Freebitcoin  and earn from every action they do on the site:

  • 50% of their faucet,
  • 0.40% of the amount wagered at Multiplier game 
  • 25% of their daily interest.

You can encourage your subscribers by sharing a % of your weekly commissions: join under us to get a weekly refback 10%.

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