Linxium: not paying Ptc | Scam Report

Linxium is a new PTC, launched in May 2020. Surfing the web you can see many Linxium’s banners and it has grown rapidly reaching more than 50.000 users in a few months. Unfortunately, Linxium is a non-paying PTC!


Linxium reached popularity very quickly. This thanks to the high and fast earning potential (and for this very suspicious!) The ptc allow you to click at least 4 advertising links worth $0.02.

At $ 0.70 Linxium also allows you to purchase a profit pack that pays $ 0.01 per day for 100 days. So Linxium allows, in just 10 days, to earn $ 0.80 and buy a profit pack to start earning passive income every day. Results that can be achieved very quickly by everyone (big suspect number 2!).

In addition to this, Linxium offers paid memberships that increase the value of clicks up to $ 10 (why not $100 for clicks?).

It would seem an incredibly profitable project, on which everyone can get good results in a short time, but it is only a PTC catches users to get referrals on sponsored programs, earn from banners and steal money to the upgraded members. 


Linxium is a scam. The PTC paid the first users in order to have someone to sponsor the program and attract people. However, payments have already stopped and therefore Linxium is not a paying project.

Linxium don’t pay and shows fake payments in proofs page. We have requested a test payment via FaucetPay. Payment is marked as completed and displayed in the proofs page, but we never got it.

Another clear sign that Linxium is not paying is the sudden appearance of a very large number of links worth $0.001. These are most likely advertisements for users unable to cashout that have converted their budget into advertisements. Linxium has also been reported as SCAM on the major online earning forums.


linxium scam report


A project to avoid. If you already have an account and you have some earnings in your account, we advise you to convert your budget into advertising. A good idea could be send traffic to Rotate4all’s paid to promote links to instantly monetize traffic.

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