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Litecoinads is a hybrid PTC with an active profit sharing service that allows you to earn Litecoin. Litecoinads offers numerous features to be able to earn and at the moment offers a good profit even from scratch. A new user can easily earn 50,000 litoshis or more in a single day. Admin is from Spain and he is very active in the chat supporting his members.

Update: some features have changed and some information refers to the old Litecoinads

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How to make money with Litecoinads

Litecoinads offers many tools to be able to earn, among which the most popular are: Ptc, Paid to View and Profit Sharing. Here are all the available gain systems in detail:

  • PTC: the classic click on announcements. The timer is 10 seconds and each link pays 1000 litoshi. The average number of links available varies between 10 and 30 per day;
  • Paid to View: this system allows you to earn 15,000 litoshi daily. All you have to do is run fifteen guided tours of the AsiaMag site with the code provided by Litecoinads. ( paid to view tutorial)
  • Revenue Sharing: you can earn 125% by buying a profit pack. The packs have a minimum cost of 0.001 LTC and normally return 3% daily. Each pack has 100 credits for advertising. To get the dividends you will need to visit 10 sites in the surf area (How to buy a pack)
  • Short Claim: if you have patience, you can use this earnings mode. It is a matter of making claims on affiliated sites, receiving a gain of 400 litoshi upwards. A good extra, but a boring way: the partner sites are full of pop-ups and redirects,
  • Offerwalls: additional PTCs connected to the Offer4all site.
  • Videos: earnfrom watching sponsored videos
  • Mining Share: earn profit shares while you browse and lend your computing power to Litecoinads;
  • Other: traffic exchange, traffic grid and rented referrals
  • Upgrade: you can upgrade your account starting as low as 0.02 Ltc for month. As premium you earn 0.00005 ltc per click,up to 140% from AdPacks  and other nice benefits.

How to make money with Paid to View

The Paid to View offered by Litecoinads is a dynamic variant of the classic Paid to click. The site, thanks to a sponsorship with the AsiaMag web magazine, rewards your guided tour. You will be able to perform up to 15 daily tours with a gain of 1000 lithoshi per visit.


Here’s how to do:

  1. Open the menu and click on Paid To View.
  2. Copy the code provided by Litecoinads, click on the google button and  click on the AsiaMag website from the google search.
  3. Enter your Session ID in the bar and click the red button TAKE A TOUR to start the guided navigation. Once the tour is over, click on ANOTHER TOUR to be redirected to the home and start a new tour. You can do up to 15 daily sessions.


How to buy an AdPack

An AdPack is a special advertising package that allows you to have a daily profit share earning up to 125% of the amount spent. There are different types of AdPack, the cost of which varies between 0.001 Ltc and 1 Ltc. AdPacks can also be purchased through earnings.


In order to buy an AdPack, first of all you need a site on which to spend the advertising credits that will be given to you with the purchase. If you don’t know what to promote try Rotate4all and earn instant extra money.

  • If you have not made any deposits, but want to use your earnings instead, follow this path from the menu: MONEY >> TRANSFER and move your money from main to purchase balance
  • Once you have the money in the Purchase Balance go to REVENUE SHARING >> ADPACKS >> ADVERTISIMENTS to add your ad.
  • Now go to Buy AdPacks, select the number of AdPacks to buy, the campaign you want to connect it to, the type of AdPacks and finally pay by clicking on PAY VIA PURCHASE BALANCE

Now all you have to do is surf 10 ads daily to receive your daily passive earnings. Part of the income ends up directly in the Purchase Balance with which you can buy new AdPacks.

Affiliate program

Litecoinads allows you to increase your earnings by sponsoring the program. For each referral you’ll get 10% and you can have unlimited referrals. As an alternative to direct referrals, you can also Rent 50 Referrals for 0.05 Ltc monthly.


Payments and conclusions

Litecoinads is a paying and payments are normally made daily. Following changes made in January 2021, earnings are credited in dollars and are converted into cryptocurrencies only at the time of the payment request. It is possible to request payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Litecoinads supports paid on FaucetPay.



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