Mind.Capital – User guide and review

Mind.Capital is an investment project officially launched in January 2020 after a study and planning period of at least two years. An innovative project, which uses the highest technological tools to produce profit. Automatic, transparent and for everyone.

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Mind.Capital is a project launched online after years of study, which aims to create an automatic and profitable system to get profit from the cryptocurrencies market. Designed and owned by Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, who became famous for winning in casinos with his roulette system, MC is the last ambitious challenge of a man with thousand lives.

Mind.Capital exploits the fruitful marriage between mathematics and artificial intelligence, by carrying out arbitrage operations on the cryptocurrency market. Arbitrage is a speculative practice that allows you to take advantage of the price differences that exist between two markets: simplifying and trivializing, we have an arbitrage transaction when we buy at a price on one market and resell at a higher price on another market or viceversa.

The technology developed by Mind.Capital allows you to monitor and analyze different markets in real time and, thanks to advanced algorithms, is able to conclude automatic operations to obtain maximum profitability.


To start earning with Mind.Capital you need to make a minimum investment of $100 (now only $40!). The deposit can be made with Bitcoin or Credit Card and about 48 hours from the deposit you will start to generate daily profit from the automatic operations. At any time you can control the operation of the software and monitor the operations it is carrying out in real time. The system capable of generating a daily profit between 0.50% and 1.50% and the gains obtained can be withdrawn in Bitcoin when you reach $50.



After 90 days from your contribution you can decide whether to keep the money on Mind.Capital or withdraw your deposit. Reimbursement is not immediate, but takes place from 5 to 10 of the month following the request.



To make the deposit and start generating automatic profits, enter in to your account and click on BALANCE that you will find in the side menu. Now select MAKE NEW CONTRIBUTION


Now you will simply have to choose whether to make your investment, in Bitcoin or with a Visa or Mastercard. Once you make your deposit, wait for it to become operational and start generating automatic profit daily. The platform retains 35% of the results as maintenance and management costs.



Mind.Capital also offers excellent opportunities from a promotional point of view. Mind.Capital’s affiliate program is structured on 10 levels and allows you to get a percentage of the daily profitability generated by your team. In order to earn money from your network, you must have at least one active deposit. If you withdraw your contribution, therefore, you will also stop getting the percentages from your referrals.


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The daily profits you get can be withdrawn starting from $50. Payments are made in Bitcoin at the dollar / BTC exchange rate at the time of the request. Payments are instant!

To protect your security Mind.Capital uses a 2FA protection system for withdrawals. Download Google Authenticator and scan the QR code for verification. This way your funds will be safe from theft and can only be withdrawn by you.

Furthermore Mind.Capital has an email phishing protection system. Open your profile and go to setting, you will find a 5-word key. Each email received from Mind.Capital will contain this key and will allow you to recognize its authenticity and not run into annoying scams.

In conclusion Mind.Capital seems to us a decidedly ambitious and innovative project. A technologically advanced and automatic system, which also allows those who are lacking in knowledge and experience to profit from a highly volatile, stimulating and profitable market such as that of cryptocurrencies.


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