Payeer e-wallet: what is it and how does it work? | Review

Payeer is a payment processor founded in Russia in 2010. Simple and fast, it allows you to pay or receive money online safely. Considered in many cases a direct competitor of Paypal, Payeer has been able to carve out its market niche, covering the segment concerning the earning programs, from which Paypal has pulled out. If you have an e-commerce, you can also integrate Payeer with your store and receive payments with all the currencies supported by Payeer.


Payeer supports 3 different fiat currencies (Dollar, Euro and Rubles) and 7 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Tether, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple). In addition, Payeer supports inbound or outbound transfers to other e-wallets, such as PerfectMoney and AdvCash.

Payeer is free and available in over 200 countries. You can top up your Payeer account using cryptocurrencies, Visa / Mastercard / Maestro, QiWi, PerfectMoney or AdvCash.

Unlike Paypal, Payeer does not allow you to open disputes if you invest in a project that turns out in a scam. So although Payeer is accepted on all major earning programs, be careful where you put your money, as you won’t be able to dispute the payment.

Payeer has a two-factor security system that will allow you to receive a temporary code on your email (or text message) every time you log in to prevent unwanted access. You can change this setting in your profile, in the section dedicated to security, where you can also activate a MASTER KEY.


In addition to PC, Payeer is also available for IOS and Android mobile devices. Opening an account on Payeer is free, very simple and will take a few minutes. Go to Payeer home >>, click on CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the steps. The only two languages ​​available are English and Russian, but the process is very simple and intuitive.

Once you have completed the three registration steps, you will receive an email with your sensitive data. Write them down on a piece of paper and keep them. To receive payments on Payeer from the programs on which it is supported, just use your ID that you find in the dashboard.



Verifying the account will unlock various functions, including the ability to deposit or collect money by bank transfer. 

To verify your account proceed as follows:

1 – Go to profile settings

2 – Fill out the form with your details by entering your name and surname, telephone number, country of residence, date of birth, address and click on VERIFICATION.

3 – (A) Upload a photo or a scan your identity card or passport to YOUR PASSPORT OR ID. (B) Upload a proof of your address to PROOF OF ADDRESS (the document must be from the last 90 days, it can be a bank statement or a bill).

The verification of your documents will take place in 1/2 days. You will receive an email notification when your account has been verified.


You can use different systems to top up your Payeer account. To top up the fiat balance (dollars, rubles or euros) you can use Visa / Mastercard / Maestro cards, cryptocurrencies or other electronic wallets such as PerfectMoney or AdvCash. For cryptocurrencies you will have your personalized address to move the funds to Payeer. Select the balance to top up by clicking on Deposit, then on the next page choose how you prefer to top up and click on ADD.


In addition to sending and receiving payments, with Payeer you can move your money between different electronic wallets (you can, for example, send money to PerfectMoney with only 0.99% fee by going to TRANSFER) or carry out real trading operations within the platform. Or if you need to move small amounts between different currencies to make a payment, you can go to EXCHANGE and instantly convert your funds.


You can withdraw your funds by going to TRANSFER. You can make the withdrawal on other e-wallets (PerfectMoney or AdvCash) or cryptocurrencies. If you have money in your balance in dollars / euros, in order to cash out in cryptocurrencies, you will first need to convert on EXCHANGE.

At the moment, at least for our country (Italy), it is not possible to make withdrawals to a card or bank account. Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are quite expensive. To be able to cash out into your bank account, the best options are two:

  • transfer funds from Payeer to PerfectMoney by going to TRANSFER. A 0.99% commission will apply. From PerfectMoney you can request the transfer to your bank account (2% commission).
  • alternatively you can move the funds to Paypal using an external service, as we explain in the next paragraph.


Unfortunately Payeer does not allow you to move money to your Paypal account. However, it is possible to make movements from Payeer to Paypal or from Paypal to Payeer in a simple way using external services. There are several services that offer this possibility. To find the best service we recommend you to visit This excellent service will allow you to instantly find the best Payeer-Paypal exchange service (and much more) at the most advantageous rate.

Ultimately Payeer is definitely a good service, which offers several more functions than Paypal or other electronic wallets. If you use earning platforms or investment sites, you should have an active Payeer account, which is certainly the most advantageous solution for making small / medium deposits. A flexible wallet that not only allows you to quickly move your money between different electronic wallets but also allows you to make small speculative operations using the internal trading platform.

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