Payment from 8Bit Telegram Faucet +51 Doge

8BIT BOT is a paying telegram faucet that allows you to earn Dogecoin daily. The faucet is the official bot of, a three-year paying cryptocurrencies investment platform. The use of the telegram faucet is free and it is not necessary to be an 8Bit investor. The bot offers a good profit of 0.25 Doge plus bonus with a simple click per day.



  • 1 claim every 24 hours
  • 0.25 Doge per claim
  • increasing bonus every 10 days
  • random bonus up to 25 DOGE.
  • bonus for signing up new users
  • minimum payment 50 Dogecoin.


To get the maximum yield from 8BIT BOT, we advise you not to miss a single day of claim. Every 10 days you get an increasing bonus and if you miss a day, the bonus counter restarts from 0 days.


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