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Publish0x is a blogging platform dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies through which you can earn cryptocurrencies by publishing or reading articles. A really nice project that will allow you to stay informed on all the developments in the crypto world, news, market analysis, update on the best blockchain projects and at the same time earn.




Publish0x is completely free and very simple to use. You can essentially earn in three ways:

  • creating your blog on Publish0x and making money by publishing articles;
  • reading articles
  • becoming an ambassador by promoting Publish0x


Let’s start with the simplest system: read the articles of the community. Through a rewards mechanism, you can earn from each article by sending a TIP to the authors of the articles. Sending tips will cost you nothing and you can share the tip between you and the author. This means that every time you use the TIP function, you can choose how much to the author and how much you will keep for you (max 80%). At the end of each article you will find a bar through which you can get the reward. Move the cursor and press TIP.



To protect the system from abuse, a limited number of daily TIPs are allowed. Once this limit is reached you will have to wait 8 hours before sending and receiving new rewards. However, you can continue to make money by publishing your articles.






Publishing articles is the best way to make money with Publish0x. Writing quality articles will allow you to grow your supporters over time and make more money. All items must be original. However, it is possible to publish articles that have been published on other sites as long as the following conditions are met:

  • the site is your and the article is still your property;
  • the author has authorized you to use his article;
  • indicate the sources and the link to the original article.

Any copyright infringement will lead to the removal of the articles and the consequent elimination of the user who committed the violation, so we suggest you respect these simple rules in order not to be excluded from the community. Let’s see now how you can create your blog on Publish0x:


STEP 1: Create your blog

Go to your profile dashboard and select BLOGS from the menu. Click on the green button “CREATE NEW BLOG” and enter the name and description of your blog. Save the blog and complete the creation.



STEP 2: write an article

After creating your blog you can start writing articles. Click on WRITE NEW POST, enter the title and write your article. The toolbar will allow you to edit the body of your post by inserting images, external links, widgets, adding tweets and more. You can use your native language or write in English to reach higher audience. After completing the writing stage, choose which blog to post on (1) – you can create up to 3 blogs! – add up to 5 tags (2), add a preview image (3) and the resources (4). If you have already published your article elsewhere (for example your personal website) add the link to the original article.



After entering this information, save the article and go to the preview. Make a final revision, if you need to further edit click on EDIT POST, otherwise on PUBLISH POST. Once your post is public you can start receiving tips from users.




Publish0x allows you to earn 5% from all TIPs posted by friends registered under you. You can choose to take your direct registration link from the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM page or choose to share community articles by attaching your ambassador link. Copy any article url, add your link at the end of the url and share it online. All the people who subscribe through the article you shared will become your subscribers.

Example: This is our latest article with the addition of the ambassador link: xlzkmmy?a=MYerRB8BeO




Earnings from Publish0x are credited with AMPL and FARM tokens. The minimum payout is $5 for AMPL and $2 for FARM. You can use any wallet that supports these tokens to cash out (eg Coinbase). Go to the SETTING page and set the payment addresses to which you want to be paid.



Publish0x is a nice project, free, alternative and original, which allows you to earn easily by sharing your passion for cryptocurrencies or simply by informing yourself about what is happening in this world. A great place to find out and round up at the same time. It deserves to be followed.




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