Scam Report: MyAddsUp is not paying

MyAddsUp is a Revshare project online since 2019 that offers the possibility to purchase AdPack with a return of over 150% starting from minimum investments of $ 1. Although the site is currently online and sponsored on many advertising network, the project is not paying due to a financial deficit and a totally wrong business model.

MyAddsUp crisis and the motivations of the admin

MyAddsUp has been deactivating payments for several weeks. On the page to request payment it is written that the payments are temporarily disabled to allow to pay all old pending requests. However, for many weeks now the situation has not been released and it is clear that MyAddsUP will never resume full activity.

Is the MyAddsUp crisis caused by Bitcoin price? False. The admin in recent weeks have repeatedly said how the fall in the price of Bitcoin has generated significant losses for the platform. This is the classic excuse that is reported by admin in bad faith to hide his failure.

MyAddsUp: an unsustainable model

The MyAddsUp model is that of a fake revshare. A revshare normally offers returns that depend on the results and profits of the platform, therefore a real revshare never offers fixed profits. MyAddsUp instead offers fixed earnings and it is easy to make profits even with a minimum investment. MyAddsUp allows you to go up quickly by converting your earnings and this is the main reason for the project crisis. As you can see from the image, MyAddsUp offers an easy profit that, without new investors and fresh money, soon will reaches a point of no return.

Admin Spam: A Double Tease

As if that were not enough, the admins in these days are hitting bottom with some crazy proposals. To solve the crisis of their project they invite members to help the platform by registering with their referral link to a MLM program. If insufficient members join this program they will  implement a weekly subscription of $5 (!!!). If insufficient members supports this two options, they will close. It seems clear to us that the MyAddsUp admin with fraudulent and unethical behavior is trying to monetize as much as possible by stealing more money from hopeful users waiting for money back. But the only real solution is one: stay away from the project!

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