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Serfbux is a Russian PTC online since 2019, which allows you to earn by clicking advertising and to get daily passive income purchasing packages called “BOX”. It supports payments with PerfectMoney and Payeer in two different values, dollars or rubles, has a unique upgrade system and allows you to advertise at cheap cost ($1 x 6000 visits). On this page we explain how SerfBux works and what are its main features.


Serfbux supports payments in U.S. dollars and Russian rubles. You’ll earn and internal currency called COINS which has the following conversion rate: 


600 COINS = 6 RUBLES = 0.10 $


Coins can be earned by clicking advertising and purchasing boxes. Given the very low costs (6000 visits x $ 1) and the easy conversion process, Serfbux has many active advertesir and a decent number of active links to click. Clicks range is from 0.7 Coins for 5 seconds links links to 5.60 Coins for 40 seconds links links. You also receive 10% from the clicks of your referrals.


serfbux click


The box are a passive gain system, which can be activated starting as low as 500 Coins. From what we have experienced, the boxes never expire and you can buy an unlimited number of box. You can buy it using your clicks earnings or you can deposit to buy your box. Just $1 to buy the first 12 box.


There are 5 levels of Box:

  • Box lv1 – cost 500 Coin, monthly income 0.72 rubles
  • Box lv2 – cost 1300 Coins, monthly income 4.17 rubles
  • Box lv3 – cost 6600 Coin, monthly income 22.32 rubles
  • Box lv4 – cost 28000 Coins, monthly income 104.4 rubles
  • Box lv5 – cost 57000 Coints, monthly income 223.2 rubles


The box are lifetime, but you must claim your gains many times a day. In fact, when the Box reaches its maximum capacity, it does not accumulate new Coins until the box is cashed. More active Box you’ll have, the faster it fills up. To empty them just press the COLLECT ALL button.


serfbux box


Once you have emptied the Box in the lower table you can sell the accumulated gain and convert it into Coins which will be credited half in the Main Balance and half in the Purchase Balance.


serfbux sell coins


You can use the earned Coins to buy new Box to increase your passive income. You can easily transfer the Coins from the  main balance to the purchase balance by following  GLOBAL >> EXCHANGER from left side menu. Every time you transfer your Coins to the purchase balance you will get a 10% bonus.


serfbux exchange coins



Unlike other PTCs that have a recurring payment, the upgrade on Serfbux is slightly different: you can choose an amount ranging from $ 1 to $ 20 and pay it only once. In fact, the upgrade is valid for life and will not expire.

The Serfbux upgrade system is very original and  allows you to significantly increase the value of clicks by. Every $ 1 spent increases the value of your clicks by 60%. The maximum purchase value is $20, which equates to a 1200% increase in the click value forever.


You can request payout starting at 100 Coins/1 Ruble per Payeer and 120 coins/$0.02 for Perfect Money.  If you request payment with PerfectMoney you will receive Dollars, while if you request it with Payeer you will receive Russian Rubles.

Coins can alternatively be used for advertising campaigns. To advertise with Serfbux is really very simple. Just enter in to the advertiser panel, create your ptc ad and add the Coins to your campaigns. The rate is 1 coins = 1 visit.


In conclusion, Serfbux seems to us a comfortable, practical and fast PTC. It does not require much effort and is a good platform to get free or cheap advertising. Currently the project is paying.


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