Shiba Inu: the new meme coin listed on the main exchanges and is “instantly boom!”

SHIBA INU is a new token that is making a lot of talk about itself. For many it is the new Dogecoin, for others it will be the Doge Killer. A token to be kept under observation and on which you can buy a big amount of SHIB with a very minimal investment. The Shiba was listed on some of the major exchanges such as Binance, Okex and Poloniex, and the token fever instantly exploded, making the token grow by almost 2000% in a week. A real boom that allow to the Shiba Inu token to enter in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.


Shiba Inu is a decentralized community, of which SHIB is the native token inspired by a meme, very similar to Dogecoin. SHIB will be the main token for the use of the new decentralized exchange ShibaSwap that will soon be launched on the market. 50% of total supply was entered as liquidity on Uniswap, while the remaining 50% was burned. Saturday 8 May was the first day of  “ShibaBoom” after it went on sale on Okex, Poloniex and On Monday 10 May, the token made its debut on Binance.


In addition to Shib and ShibaSwap, two more tokens and an NFT marketplace are expected to be launched. The second token that will be launched will be LEASH, a token that unlike SHIB will have a circulation limited to 100,000 pieces and which will allow to get special rewards for those who provide liquidity on ShibaSwap. Third and last token will be SHIBA INU BONE, which will be presented on ShibaSwap, but of which many details are not yet known.


Like many emerging tokens, Shiba Inu conveys great euphoria and hopes of earning money. The token has a very low price and this means that millions of SHIBs can be purchased with less than $50. The SHIB price will be accompanied by huge swings and speculation, especially now that it has entered on Binance. Buying a few million SHIBs by spending € 20/30 is not madness and in our opinion it could be an opportunity to test while maintaining a low profile and risk, pending the launch of ShibSwap. You can buy through Binance, Okex, Poloniex, KuCoin and other exchanges, or through the decentralized exchange UniSwap. If you don’t have an Okex account, you can get a $10 bonus in Bitcoin by making your first crypto purchase of at least $100. You can read our guide on how to buy BitTorrent on Okex and follow the procedure described in the article. You can also decide to allocate $50 to the purchase of SHIB and $50 to the purchase of BITTORRENT (another very promising token).

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