Sixthcontinent: save 50% on purchases ,gift card, fuel vouchers, utility bills, taxes. Review

SixthContinent is a social e-commerce project which thanks to agreements with important partners, allows you to earn money online and save money from your purchases. The advantages are considerable, especially if you already make your purchases at the affiliated companies. Moreover Sixthcontinent allows to lighten the burden of monthly expenses (rent, bills, condominium expenses, taxes), if paid by postal order and the service supported by Paytipper (this service depend on your country). For all purchases SixthContinent allows you to pay up to half using the credit that accumulates on the site in many ways. There are many affiliated companies, among which: Amazon, Zalando, HM,, Ikea, Fuel Card, the main supermarkets and many others. Once you find it hardly you will do without it.


Thanks to the huge network of affiliated companies and users who daily make their purchases from the platform, Sithcontinent produces an income that is partly distributed to the users of the program. If you log in daily, the platform recognizes a small income of daily citizenship to its citizens. The income is accumulated in your own balance sheet and can be scaled up to the purchase of a gift card or from the payment of postal bills up to a maximum of 50% of the value.

A series of illustrative images:


The credits above can be used in the shop and scaled by the purchase, as follows:

For example, we have € 12.82 of credits, then we can now purchase an Amazon Gift Card worth € 25 and pay only € 12.50. This applies to any card and for any amount. When you purchase the gift card the code will be available in your wallet from where you can download it.


  • Citizenship Income: every day the site gives its citizens a variable amount between € 0.20 or € 0.50 cents. These credits are the result of the redistribution made thanks to purchases made on the platform. Credits do not expire, but are lost if at least one purchase is not made per month and will be redistributed to users with at least € 300 of purchases that will get a monthly extra profit.
  • Paying bills: using the pay function you can pay bills. Payment is secure and managed by Paytipper. For every bills paid through Sixthcontinent will earn you € 0.50. (feature for italian users. We are not sure that are the same service in other countries)
  • Cashback: almost all gift cards have a cashback, the gain that you get from the purchase is accumulated in the credits and will be spent, if you want, the next purchase. Example of cashback:

Taking the case of Zalando’s gift card, the cashback is 3%. This means that in addition to climbing the credit, I will earn additional credit to will accumulate for the next purchase equal to 3% of the value, as you see in the next image:

Every purchase on Sixtcontinent is worthwhile. 

Momosy points: Another way to get credit is to earn Momosy points. The points are worth as a credit of € 0.50 per 1250 points. Here’s how to earn and accumulate points:

Profile Completion: 7400 points;
At the first Access I do every day on SXC: 100 points;
If I log in every day of a week: 500 points;
If I log in every day for a month: 1000 points;
If I log in every day of a year: 8000 points;
At my 1st purchase: 1000 points;
At my 5th purchase: 1500 points;
At my 10th purchase: 1700 points;
At my 20th purchase: 2000 points;
At my 35th purchase: 2300 points;
At my 60th Purchase: 2800 points;
At my 100th purchase: 3500 points;
Every 100 Purchases: 7000 points;
At the 1st review I write at the end of a purchase: 1000 points;
At the 5th review I write at the end of a purchase: 1200 points;
At the 10th review I write at the end of a purchase: 1800 points;
Every 10 reviews I write at the end of each purchase: 2000 points;
After having invited 20 new Users who have made at least 1 purchase: 2000 points;
After having invited 50 new Users who have made at least 1 purchase: 3000 points;
After having invited 100 new Users who have made at least 1 purchase: 5000 points;
Every 100 new invited users who have made at least 1 purchase: 10000 points;
MOMOSY Points never expire, I can accumulate them forever.

As you can see, just a simple daily login to get a great advantage from Sixthcontinent. If you log in daily, therefore, every month you will have guaranteed at least € 10 of discounts on your purchases by simply entering the site. Before you can make purchases you will need to ask at Sixthcontinent the PIN code, which will arrive within 48/72 hours. Once identified, you can start using SXC actively


Sixthcontinent is an innovative idea with a system of incentives and advantages of the highest level. A project from which it is difficult to come off, especially once discovered. Because there are expenses that we make daily, with or without Sixthcontinent, but having the possibility to save money on the money we spend anyway the question is: how to do without it? Discover and fall in love with Sixthcontinent.

  • Note: this business is available only for only for Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia

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