earn while you browse the web | Review is a beautiful project and advertising platform, which allows you to earn money passively while surfing the internet. Furthermore, will give you the opportunity to earn money by watching videos or short announcements. It also has a publisher program to monetize and make money with your blog. Promote and increase your earning with 10 levels affiliation program. 

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How to make money with is a project that really requires a minimum commitment and allows you to earn from the time you spend browsing the internet. The site, in fact, allows you to download an extension that will display a small bar with a banner while you browse. The bar can be moved up or down and rewards each view. The pay rate is about 2 cents per 1000 banner views. In a few words allows an authentic passive gain without having to take any action. For every new page you visit there will be a new banner and this makes it optimal when used together with eBesucher. In fact, eBesucher is a paying autosurf that automatically rotates websites: will display a new banner every time eBesucher will change page. A beautiful pair.


Other methods to earn with the extension of

The extension will install a small icon on your navigation bar. The icon will send you notifications when there are links to click or videos to watch. This will allow you not to miss any opportunities. In addition, the icon opens a menu that allows you to easily check the available budget, referrals and your rating.

Rating – up to 100% more

The rating is an incentive system that, based on your activity with, will allow you to double your earnings and get up to 100% more on banners, videos, clicks and affiliate program. The more active you are, the more your rating will grow.

Affiliate program has a very interesting affiliate program. In fact it is possible to build a structure on 10 levels. So you will earn not only from your direct affiliates, but also from affiliates joined under your friends up to the tenth level, from which you get 5%. The commission can increase up to 10% thanks to the Rating.

To earn money from your affiliates, you need to qualify. How to get qualification:

  • +5 minutes for each banner display;
  • +15 minutes per click
  • +6 hours for every $ 1 spent on advertising
  • +12 hours each new affiliate presented

Max qualification period is 1 month.

Business Machine: automatic referrals provides to members with a tool that help users to get referrals without investing. Business Machine is a function that if activated, will allow you to devolve a share of the budget for the promotion of your banner. For example, if you set a percentage of 50%, half of your income will end up in the Business Machine that will automatically advertise your banner in the network as soon as there are funds available to view it. for webmasters

If you want to earn money with a blog, also offers a publisher program with two remuneration systems: per impressions and per click. All you have to do is place banner codes provided by on your blog and you will start earn money from each visit.

The payrate is the following:

  • 0.01 + 0.025 for every thousand views
  • 0.015 for each click

An excellent solution to integrate with other systems - passive income


Payments and conclusions

The payments on are almost instantaneous and it is possible to request the money starting as low as $ 0.03. Payments are made via Payeer.

We really like and it convince us. A very simple method, which allows advertisers to have a strong network to circulate their banners and users to have additional income without interaction. The 10-level affiliate program is the icing on the cake that can turn this program into a good source of income.

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