Winza Network: become a casino shareholder | Review


Winza Network is a new project launched in March 2020 that has some unique features. A large network that offers Casino, an investment opportunity to become casino’s shareholder, faucets and currency exchange. The supported payment methods are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Perfect Money and Payeer.


If you have no money to invest in the casino or bankroll investment, you can start working with Winza for free. Every hour Winza allows you to make some free Bitcoins using the faucet. 


winza faucet


You can use your faucet earning in different way: 1) – you can withdraw it; 2) – you can play at Casino;  3) – you can HODL it for 24 hours to get divideds.

Click on the blue button you see in the previous photo >> GET HODL INTEREST <<. Select the Faucet Balance and then click on HODL. You must have at least 0.0001 Btc to be able to use this feature and you will receive 0.10% every 24 hours.


winza hodl passive income



Crypto Casinos are very exciting and fun platfom. This industry is growing very fast and ever more people like to play on this platform. Winza Casino currently offers 5 games including the Dice Game, one of the most popular game in the world of cryptocurrencies (as well one of our favorites); other games are European roulette, the weekly lottery, the wheel of fortune with prizes up to 50x and Last Man Standing, a game owned by Winza.

The minimum amount to deposit and play in the casino is 0.0001 Btc. Alternatively you can play with your Faucet Balance. The minimum bet is just 1 satoshi.

The casino games offer is very essential, surely adding other popular games like crash and some slots would be desirable.



This is certainly the most interesting part of the program. Winza in fact gives you the unique opportunity to become a member of the casino, investing in the casino’s bankroll . Winza Network shares 50% of the casino’s profits with investors. The minimum investment is $50 and the investment automatically expires when ROI exceeds 150%. . You can invest by making a direct deposit or use the faucet earnings  moving them from the Faucet Balance to the Global Balance in CURRENCY EXCHANGE. 


winza bankroll investments



Winza has an affiliate program  and you will earn a commission  for each site featurer your referrlas use:

  • 0.5% from total wagered in the casino;
  • 0.2% from deposits
  • 0.3% from each trade made on the Currency Exchange
  • 1.2% from bankroll investments
  • 10% from  faucet claim



Winza allows you to withdraw your earnings in any supported currency and the minimum withdrawable is:

  • 0.00001 BTC
  • 0.001 LTC
  • 50 Doge
  • $ 1 PerfectMoney / Payeer

In conclusion Winza Network look as an innovative and promising project. Crypto casinos are activities that are enjoying big success among cryptocurrency lovers and the idea of ​​becoming a shareholder in a casino is undoubtedly an opportunity to be considered. We think the game offer is poor at moment and other casino’s games could be added.


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