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YourPtcBiz is a traffic exchange that allows you to get free web traffic to  promote your products, your referral or affiliate linkor, or to increase your website/blog visits. YourPtcBiz has very fast surf mode, offers many tools for promotion and has a customizable downline builder. Traffic exchange sites normally offer free web traffic, but this project also give you a daily cash reward that you can withdraw.


Since we are active user in Rotate4all, we are always looking for free web traffic in order to promote our paid to promote link (if you don’t know Rotate4all, read our review). YourPtcBiz is one of the many traffic exchanges that we have tested and we can say that it offers one of the best valid visits ratio compared to famous TE like TrafficG and Easyhits4u.



Maybe you’re already know how traffic exchange works. It’s simple: you visit website for a few second and you earn an ad credit to promote your site. 

The good things about YourPtcBiz are:

  • 8 seconds timer and 0.5 credits per visit: from this point of view YPB offers one of the fastest surfing experiences and you can see a large number of sites in a short time
  • free credits bonus: while browsing YPB you can get a lot of credits bonuses (surfing, text ads and banner ads).
  • earn up to $0.25 daily cash rewards: surf websites and get free cash bonus every day. 



YourPtcBiz  is a very cool TE: you can get FREE TRAFFIC and CASH every day. You can earn up to $0.25 daily just for surf website. To get max benefit from YPB system, we suggest you to upgrade yearly Gold membership (free member only earn $0.05 daily). It cost $47 and will allow you to earn up t $91.25 getting a profit. Now we’ll explain all the benefit for gold members and how to get your daily reward.


yourptcbiz upgrade


The main benefits for Gold members are:

  • 4 second timer (very fast: surf 150 sites in 10 minutes!)
  • 3 visits to your website for 1 credit
  • up to $0.05 daily cash rewards
  • up to $0.20 daily from Viral Traffic Game
  • 1000 credits bonus monthly
  • add up to 12 websites to your Downline Builder


How to claim your daily cash rewards? Surf 100/200/300/400/500 webistes to get $0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05 bonus. To claim it is very fast: click on CASH SURF MENU >> DAILY CASH REWARDS and select your prize.


yourptcbiz daily rewards


How to get $0.20 daily from Viral Traffic Game (VTG)? Every 15 sites surfed a VTG icon will appear on your surfbar. Click on it.


Than move your character clicking on the square to get your $0.04 up to 5 times a day. 


Viral Traffic Game Cash Prize


Payments on YourPtcBiz are automatic as soon as you reach $5. Set your payment info and choose between Paypal, Litecoin, Bitcoin, AirTM and more. 



You can add as many sites as you want on YourPtcBiz. YourPtcBiz auto-assigns 75% of your visits to your active sites. The remaining 25% can be assigned manually. If you have multiple active sites, you can choose which percentage of credits to assign to each of them automatically. For these settings visit CASH SURF MENU >> AUTO ASSIGN




On YourPtcBiz there is another really interesting tool that you must try: the Downline Builder. This tool allows you to associate your referral link to various active projects divided by category (Ptc, Faucet, Gpt, Traffic Exchange and Resources). You can customize your DB adding websites. Connect your referral link and all your referral if they join a site through the Downline Builder will become your referral on other sites too.  You can incentivize your referrals to subscribe to the programs present in your downline builder by sending them a private message within YourPtcBiz.


downline builder


YourPtcBiz is a very good traffic exchange, which has a good credit/time ratio. You can use it to increase visits to your site or promote your products/ref links for free. Unlike what other traffic exchanges do, YourPtcBiz also offers a daily reward to use it. The benefits for premium users are good compared to the low annual membership cost.

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