BetFury – the best crypto casino of 2021 | Review

BetFury is a Crypto Casino online and paying since 2019. We worked and tested many similar projects this is and due to the unique characteristics of this platform we can say that at the moment it is the best casino we have visited in 2020. BetFury has many features that you will not find on other casino: free satoshi every 20 minutes, purchase of boxes for 7/30 days with a good ROI, a proprietary token and the possibility of gain daily dividends, plus many other incentives. No other crypto-casino offers so much. Let’s see what are the main features that make this platform unique in its kind.


BetFury supports four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Tron, BitTorrent Token, SUN) and two proprietary tokens (BFG BTC and BFG TRX). You can start playing by making a deposit or using the free satoshi that the site gives you every 20 minutes. We recommend to start with a little deposit (and use free satoshi to increase your earnings) so you can start instntly enjoying all the possibilities offered by this platform (we started with a deposit of 0.003 BTC). Once your balance is loaded, you can start enjoying and winning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by playing tons of games and slots. There are all the major games featured such as Dice, Keno, Crash, Hi / Lo, etc and hundreds of slots available. Also you can play Live casino, table games and you will find all major game providers.

Deposit process is very simple. Just click the blue DEPOSIT button. If you already have cryptocurrencies in your wallet you can make a deposit, otherwise you can also buy them directly from the site.

Betfury deposit

If you want to start in a free mode, you can collect the satoshis that the platform gives you with the FREE BOX every 20 minutes.

betfury free box


What are the features that make Betfury unique compared to other gaming platforms?

  • Proprietary Tokens: Betfury has two tokens that can be mined through bets placed on the platform. Owning the tokens will make you participate in the BETFURY STAKING program which will allow you to obtain the platform’s dividends daily. The more tokens you have, the more dividends you receive! Tokens can also be wagered or even used to participate in Bitcoin purchase auctions.
  • BOXES: we have already told you about the FREE BOX which will allow you to receive free satoshi every 20 minutes. But you can also decide to buy BOXES with a 7/30 day return of capital. The boxes are not always available and only a limited number will be sold, so don’t miss them.
  • Cashback: bad day? Don’t worry, Betfury gives you 2 to 25% cashback for the games you lose.
  • Levels and Bonuses: There are 11 levels in Betfury. The total played will allow you to level up, obtaining bonuses at each level up, greater cashback and exclusive access to special BOXES.

Other features are added periodically or on special occasions, such as the free wheel of fortune and lottery. There are also many internal competitions, such as the one in December 2020 in which a Tesla Model S will be awarded (value $ 70,000).

betfury competition



With the STAKING program you can get dividends every day, distributed in Bitcoin, Tron, Tether and Bit Torrent. To get the dividends you just need to have one of the two proprietary tokens in the balance sheet:

  • BFG BITCOIN: subtoken with a distribution with a prevalence of Bitcoin.
  • BFG TRON: subtoken with a distribution with a prevalence of Tron.

Tokens cannot be purchased, but must be mined. To mine the two tokens, just be an active part of the platform and play using Bitcoin or Tron. Every 100 million tokens mined the rates will go up and you will have to play more to mine 1 token.

betfury token mining price

You can earn good money with this feature. For example, at the current distribution rate, owning 100,000 BFG BITCOIN allows you to receive 0.05 BTC, 417 TRON, 2 Tether and 3068 BTT in just 3 months.

betfury staking program


The boxes are special packages that BetFury that allow you to earn interests. In addition to the free box, there are the boxes that can be purchased. The boxes are available for a limited time only and a limited number is offered. The return periods could be 7 or 30 days. We always recommend buying within 30 days as the returns are greater. The percentage of interest can vary from 5% up to 100% for some boxes. You won’t have to wait until the end of the period to get all your invested Bitcoins back, but the Box will return your investment to you every minute and you can withdraw your partial return at any time.

betfury box



BetFury also has an affiliate program, although it is not the main resource from which to generate profit. You will get from your referrals:

  • 20% from FREE BOX claim
  • 15% on 30-day Box purchases
  • 15% on winning in In-House Games
  • 1.5% on slots winnings
  • 5% on mined tokens


BetFury therefore presents itself as an articulated platform full of features and incentives. Our experience was very fruitful and we will continue to use it to take advantage of the many benefits it offers. Obviously, as this is a gaming platform, we encourage you to be careful and remind you that playing is fun, but you can win or lose. The thing we like about BetFury is that it offers numerous “parachutes” with which to earn extra income.

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