How to receive $10 in free Bitcoin with Okex | Tutorial

OKEX is a cryptocurrency exchange on which you can earn by trading with cryptocurrencies. Okex is the second largest platform in the world for crypto trading and offers a rich experience to traders, with around 400 trading pairs between fiat/crypto, crypto/crypto and derivative instruments such as Futures, Options and Swaps. To discover more read our Okex review.

In addition to depositing tokens and cryptocurrencies, Okex gives you the opportunity to purchase Bitcoins via Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Applepay and other payment methods. If you are a new member, within 180 days of your registration you will have the opportunity to receive a withdrawable welcome bonus of $10 in Bitcoin. The bonus is credited to all new members who complete a purchase of cryptocurrencies for a minimum amount of $100. If you are interested in getting this bonus on this page we will explain how to do it.


To start click here to open an account on Okex.

Registration is very simple: enter your email and password, copy the verification code you’ll get in your email and continue your registration. Once registered, log in to your account, click the little man icon at the top right and select KYC Verification. In fact, in order to buy your crypto and receive the Bitcoin bonus you will have to perform the level 1 verification first. To do this, the only information required are: name, nationality and document number.


On the menu bar, select BUY CRYPTO. You can find it at the top left, next to the Okex logo. Here you can choose what to buy (Btc, Ltc, Eth, Okb or Ripple), choose the amount to buy and the preferred payment method to proceed with the purchase. Minimum amount to buy to get the reward is $100. 



Once you have completed the form, press BUY NOW and you will be redirected to a list of partners with which to complete the purchase. Okex will put the most advantageous offer first, which for us is Coinify. Select the best offer, press PURCHASE and go ahead following the instructions.



Now on the next screen you will have to pass a verification process that will take a few minutes to complete the purchase through the Okex partner. First of all, complete the form by entering your data: Name, surname, residential address, postcode, country of residence. Then click on CONTINUE.



Now you must complete the verification process: take your identity document, activate your webcam, take a photo of your front/back document and finally take a selfie. It will take about two minutes for approval.

After the verification is done keep on and complete the last steps to purchase.  Click CONTINUE



After confirming the amount and payment method, all you have to do is enter the data of your visa / mastercard in order to complete the transaction. If the transaction is successful, your purchase will be confirmed and you’ll see the exact amout of Bitcoin you’ll receive on your Okex account. 



Now you’ve completed all the steps and you’re ready to receive your Bitcoin and your Reward. Relax yourself: it will take about an hour. In a short time you’ll receive two transations: one is your $100 purchase, one is your bonus credited as Airdrop/Rewards. 



You can choose to keep your money on OKEX for trading, or go to EARN and put it in a SAVINGS WALLET offered by Okex to get interest (you can withdraw it at any time). Or, if you prefer, you can simply withdraw them into your wallet. To withdraw, complete verification level number 2 by uploading your documents and taking a selfie.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us or write in the forum. To complete the offer, visit Okex website.


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