BitTorrent | Best way to buy and earn BTT in 2021 (+$10 Bitcoin bonus)

The BitTorrent (BTT) token is one of the most interesting to follow for 2021. Cheap and with a good growth prospect, BTT is undoubtedly a great buy to make. If the growth forecast is met, investing as little as $100 in BTT today could earn you as much as $3000. We made a strong purchase of BTT in early February and in about two months BTT has grown by over 1000%! (ps. after we wrote this post, BTT grown up x4 more! So: hurry uo, act now!) Despite the increase, BTT remains one of the cheapest tokens and with good chance to keep growing up. In this article we explain how and where to buy it (also getting $ 10 of Bitcoin for free!), Where to keep them to receive passive interest every day and in addition we will recommend other projects with which you can earn BTT increasing your wallet. First let’s see why BTT is a good opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. 


BitTorrent is a famous peer-to-peer network created in 2001, which allows the sharing of any type of file with users all over the world and is the largest decentralized P2P protocol for data and file distribution, with over 100 million of monthly users. In 2018 BitTorrent was acquired by TRON and numerous implementations have been made since then, including the creation of the BitTorrent Token (BTT). The native BitTorrent token allows users who want to download files faster to offer BTT to the seeders, i.e. those who upload files, accelerating the download speed. This obviously  increases the attractiveness of the BitTorrent Token. The increase in download volumes on BitTorrent supports and increases the demand for tokens, contributing to the growth of its value. Expectations for BTT are very optimistic and it is estimated that BTT can reach a price between $ 0.02 and $ 0.20 by 2025. In our opinion, BTT and TRON are two of the best tokens to follow closely in this digital revolution.


You can buy BTT on all major exchanges, such as Binance and Okex. In this case we strongly recommend you to buy BTT on Okex. In fact, this important exchange reserves an offer for all new subscribers: when you make your first purchase of at least $ 100 in cryptocurrencies, you will receive a free $ 10 of Bitcoin that you can immediately withdraw. With only $ 120 dollars you can buy around 30,000 BTT and assuming a BTT increase up to $0.10 your wallet could be worth as much as $3000. Furthermore, Okex allows you to keep your BTTs on the platform, obtaining interest with daily credits.

Okex does not allow you to buy BTT directly, but since BTTs are traded with Tether (USDT), we recommend you to buy USDT and then convert to BTT. Alternatively you can buy them with Binance, but you would lose the $10 Bitcoin  Bonus that Okex offer to all new members who bought cryptocurrencies for the first time.


Here’s how to buy BTT on Okex and get free Bitcoin:

1 – Create a free account on Okex. After creating your account, perform Level 1 and Level 2 Verification.

2 – Now go to BUY / SELL, clicking the first menu item starting from the left. Purchase at least 120 USDT by completing the form as you see in the image and choose the payment method you prefer to complete the transaction.



Once you have received confirmation of your purchase, 120 USDT and the $10 Bitcoin Bonus will be credited to you in a short time. At present value, with 120 USDT you will be able to buy around 30,000 BTT. The next step is therefore to make a trade by exchanging USDT and BTT.

3 – Go to TRADE >> BASIC TRADING, then open the search window, type BTT and select BTT / USDT as you see in the image.



Now you will simply have to place a trade to buy BTT. Select Market to be able to buy BTT at the current price, enter 120 where you see written TOTAL (USDT) and click on the BUY BTT button. Confirm the transaction and in a moment your BTT will be included among your assets.



In addition to being an excellent exchange, Okex offers other earning opportunities and allows you to increase your portfolio by obtaining passive daily income. You receive interest every day on the BTTs you decide to block and see your balance go up on a daily basis. Compound interest allows you to increase the interest calculation base by obtaining ever greater credits.

Go to FINANCE >> EARN, select BTT and the amount of BTT you want to HODL. You will get 2.25% interest with a daily credit. (Interest rate may change)







Another great way to earn BTT is BetFury. We really love this platform: it is a crypto-casino with some special feature. At Betfiry not only you’ll be able to play and win BTT, but thanks to the unique staking system you can start to make daily profit getting the platform’s dividends every day. In addition to BTT, you’ll receive daily credits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Binance Coin and Tether. A really nice project. To participate in the dividends, just play and earn BFG tokens. The more tokens you have in your portfolio, the higher your dividend will be. This is what you will receive daily with 100,000 BFG tokens: over 3000 BTT per month (and more!).







Another platform that offers interesting opportunities is In addition to offering a STAKING service by paying you 5% yearly for the amounts moved to VAULT PRO, this crypto-casino offers a unique opportunity for those who want to earn cryptocurrencies. is the first decentralized casino built on blockchain that allows you to invest in casino’s bankroll and receive profits from the bank. So on this platform you have two ways: play by challenging the dealer or invest in the bankroll and become the dealer! The investment required for BTT is quite high, it takes at least 8 billion BTT to invest in classic games. Alternatively, however, you can open a private BlackJack table with Tron or Dogecoin: it only takes 10,000 Doge/tron to open your table.




The ones we have just listed are the best and fastest ways to make thousands of BitTorrents right away. But is there also a way to make them without spending anything? Sure. If you want to start earning BitTorrent for free, then you can try some faucets. Among the stable and paying sites that offer payment with BitTorrent we suggest FaucetCrypto. You can request payment directly to Okex‘s BTT deposit address, so you can get daily interest on your stored BTT. Other good sites to earn BTT: Final Autoclaim, DogeMate and Express Crypto (high recommended)

BitTorrent (BTT) is definitely a worthwhile purchase in 2021 and can prove to be very profitable. Don’t miss it and don’t miss any of the opportunities suggested in this article.

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