BitTorrent | Best way to buy and earn BTT in 2021 (+$10 Bitcoin bonus)


The BitTorrent (BTT) token is one of the most interesting to follow for 2021. Cheap and with a good growth prospect, BTT is undoubtedly a great buy to make. If the growth forecast is met, investing as little as $ 100 in BTT today could earn you as much as $ 3000. In the last 2 months, BTT has increased by over 2000% but despite the increase it remains one of the cheapest tokens with ample room for growth. Which will be the next Dogecoin? It might just be BitTorrent. This is why it is important to start to store a good amount, both by purchasing it and by using earning opportunities that the web offers. First let’s see why BTT is a good opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.


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BitTorrent is a famous peer-to-peer network created in 2001, which allows the sharing of any type of file with users all over the world and is the largest decentralized P2P protocol for data and file distribution, with over 100 million of monthly users. In 2018 BitTorrent was acquired by TRON and numerous implementations have been made since then, including the creation of the BitTorrent Token (BTT). The native BitTorrent token allows users who want to download files faster to offer BTT to the seeders, i.e. those who upload files, accelerating the download speed. This obviously  increases the attractiveness of the BitTorrent Token. The increase in download volumes on BitTorrent supports and increases the demand for tokens, contributing to the growth of its value. Expectations for BTT are very optimistic and it is estimated that BTT can reach a price between $ 0.02 and $ 0.20 by 2025. In our opinion, BTT and TRON are two of the best tokens to follow closely in this digital revolution.




You can buy BTT on all major exchanges, such as Binance and Okex. In this case we strongly recommend you to buy BTT on Okex. In fact, this important exchange reserves an offer for all new subscribers: when you make your first purchase of at least $ 100 in cryptocurrencies, you will receive a free $ 10 of Bitcoin that you can immediately withdraw. Furthermore, Okex allows you to keep your BTTs on the platform, obtaining daily interest.

Read our full tutorial on how to buy and store BitTorrent on Okex. If you want to find out what are currently the earning opportunities in BitTorrent continue reading this articles



There are already numerous systems with which you can earn BitTorrent online. To withdraw and keep the BTTs you can move them to Okex and staking them to get daily interests as we explained in our tutorial.

The most interesting system we recommend is BETFURY. This platform is a cryptocasino that has a very cool feature: in fact BetFury allows you to mine the native BFG token simply by playing. The more you play, the more BFG Tokens you get. All BFG holders receive daily dividends in various cryptocurrencies, including BitTorrent. You can start testing the platform with the money you get from the Betfury faucet: every 20 minutes you can in fact request free Binance Coins and Bitcoins to play and mine BFG tokens. This is what you will receive daily with 100,000 BFG tokens: over 3000 BTT per month.


FAUCETCRYPTO – perhaps the best at the moment for BitTorrent earning. Claim every 30 minutes, ptc, shortlink and offerwall. The level system allows you to constantly increase your earnings and receive 0.125% more from all actions for each level you climb. The levels are infinite and you can therefore increase your bonus indefinitely. Pay on a private wallet (you can withdraw on Okex).

FINAL AUTOCLAIM – this faucet has a very rich ecosystem and offers a good earning opportunity. There are several systems, including two faucets every 30 minutes, Ptc, Shortlink, BTT staking, offers, surveys and mining. There is so much about this faucet and it is a good platform to earn BitTorrent for free. To withdraw you will need an account on Express Crypto (from EC you can move to Okex).

DOGEMATE – if you want to earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies the return is a bit low, but it is certainly great for earning and rounding up your BitTorrent wallet. DogeMate also pays on Express Crypto.


FAUCETOFBOB – very popular faucet among Express Crypto users. You’ll earn Ex-silver (EXS). Faucetofbob has the autoclaim function with automatic payments on EC with the crypto you prefer, but it not support BTT. So, if you want BTT, cashout EXS and then convert on Express Crypto from EXS to BTT. An EXS at the time of writing is exchanged with 26 BitTorrent

EXPRESS CRYPTO – microwallet very similar to FaucetPay. It has less potential, but in addition it offers many tokens not supported by FaucetPay, such as Cardano and BitTorrent. There are currently around 30 faucets paying BitTorrent on Express Crypto. In addition to the systems mentioned above, you can check the Express Crypto Faucet List to get even more BitTorrent.

The last opportunity we recommend is really interesting, but expensive. is a crypto-casino that allows you to invest in the bankroll of the individual games and obtain profit share based on the bank’s profit. 8 billion BitTorrent is needed to invest in the Bank Roll. But if you have 8 billion BitTorrent you are already a multimillionaire and this offer will not interest you 🙂 If you are not a millionaire, you can always try to invest smallest amounts, through the 8BIT platform, online and paying for 3 years, which also accepts BitTorrent.

These are the best BitTorrent earning opportunities we have selected. Do you know anyone else? Tell us about it. For all the rest, trading with Binance or direct buying remain priority ways, at least to get a good quantity immediately. To buy BitTorrent and receive a bitcoin bonus, read our tutorial on how to buy BTT with Okex.

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