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Cointiply is a website with which you can earn Bitcoins for free. Cointiply offers the best free opportunities on the web to start earning the most famous cryptocurrency on the web. Very popular among users, this project is one of the most complete programs currently online and allows you, even without referrals, to make good money.

Cointiply – How to earn Bitcoins

Cointiply is currently one of the best services to earn Bitcoins for free. The site is very structured and offers you all the best free opportunities to get Bitcoins without investing.

Here are all the methods offered by Cointiply:

  • Faucet: Although it is one of the most popular features of the cryptocurrency earning world, it is certainly not Cointiply’s most important source of income. You can make a request every hour. There are various prize based on the number extracted. The number 99.999 pays a Jackpot. A bonus is also provided for special numbers.
  • PTC: another much-loved feature. Visit Paid to Click link menu daily to round up your Coins. Every day between 200 and 400 Coins are available from ptc.
  • Offerwall: This rich section allows you to make good money from offers and surveys. We advise you to consult the area dedicated to the surveys, especially the surveys by Theorem Reach. If you are tired of being rejected then this is the right provider for you: in fact it is the only one that gives you compensation even if you are discarded. Another offer you can’t miss are the videos offered by For info on Hideout and how to connect Cointiply, read our article.
  • Rain Pool: do you know that Cointiply distributes a bonus every hour to active users in the chat? Well, look on the left column, open the chat, share some messages in the chat until you see the green light. When the green light is on you will be qualified for the next distribution and you will get some free coins.
  • Multiplier: this is a fun game, with which you can round up your Coins. Very simple to play, it allows very small bets and allows you to double your bet. Set a ceiling on your bet and try the Martingale method.
  • Bonus: Cointiply offers numerous incentives to the most active users. Every day users who get the most points get up to 35000 coins as bonus. The points can also be used for the purchase of special instruments that give you extra money from offers.
  • Loyalty bonus: every day you make at least one claim you earn a bonus + 1% up to a maximum of 100%. This allow you to double your faucet’s earning. If you skip a day, the bonus will reset.
  • Interests: receive 5% on your earnings on a weekly basis if you have a budget of over 35,000

Affiliate program

Cointiply allows you to invite other people to the program. The compensation that is recognized to you is 25% for the gains generated by Faucet and Ptc and 10% for the gains from the offers. There is no limit to the maximum number of people you can invite, but it is not possible to register people from the same device or living in the same house.

cointiply - earn bitcoin


On Cointiply you can request payment in Bitcoin once you reach 30,000 Coins threshold. The Coins you earn are changed according to this value: 10,000 Coins = $ 1. The balance shows your Coins, the dollar value and the Bitcoin value at the current price. You can also choose to request payment when the rate is advantageous to get more Bitcoins. Payment is normally very fast.

In conclusion we consider Cointiply one of the best free opportunities of the web to earn Bitcoins, which satisfies all the requests: faucet, ptc, offers and surveys, passive gain. A site that over time has earned our greatest appreciation. To try.

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