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FaucetPay is a micro-wallet and earning platform that allows you to receive instant payments from hundreds of faucets and maximize your profit. FaucetPay is growing very fast and replaced FaucetHub in the people heart. We think this is one of the best program to earn free cryptocurrencies online. Keep readind to discover more.

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FaucetPay is a very useful project and if you are looking for a way to collect Bitcoin and Altcoin from free earning program like PTCs and Faucets, this is the best way to do this. Why? Because thanks to the partnership with FaucetPay, small projects can make instant payments even for very small amounts, without paying the transaction fees. This allow you to work with faucet and ptc getting paid also for small amount and without wait to reach high minimum payout. This will multiply your earning opportunities and allow you to work with more faucets and manage all your earnings from a unique place. You can withdraw your coins from FaucetPay in to your own wallet at any time with very low fees.



FaucetPay has many connected partners. Before to be able to receive payments on FaucetPay you will need to connect your payment address. You can do it easily and quickly from your Dashboard by clicking on LINKED ADDRESSES. The cryptocurrencies supported are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash and DigiByte. To connect your address, copy your Bitcoin address from your wallet and link it in the FaucetPay form and click LINK ADDRESS.



After connecting your addresses to FaucetPay, visit the faucet list by selecting on the menu bar EARN >> FAUCET LIST. Now you can choose from a long list of projects, filtering for business model (ptc, faucet, etc.) or cryptocurrencies. There are many great projects connected with FaucetPay, on which you can rise good money. To maximize your profit, you can also claim instant payments from small faucets: here you don’t need any registration and you’ll get instant coins in your FaucetPay account. Visit the websites and create your favourite list. 

Our recommended external partner:


faucetpay list



Working with partner programs is not the only way you can make money on FaucetPay. In fact there are also internal earning systems, a game to bet and multiply your cryptocurrencies and a very useful exchange to instantly switch your active balance between supported cryptocurrencies.

  • PTC and OFFERWALL: increase your earnings by clicking advertisements and completing offers and surveys. Many daily ads
  • REWARD SYSTEM: increase your earnings by getting reward points. FaucetPay pays you 1-100 Reward Points daily for logging in to your account. Other ways to get Reward Points: wagering on Multiply BTC and Binary, from Ptc/Offerwall, sponsoring and more. You can convert your points in to Bitcoin (10 Reward Points = 1 satoshi)
  • EXCHANGE: you can easily switch between supported cryptos. You’ll receive 10 reward points every $1 you’ll exchange.
  • AFFILIATE: earn more with the FaucetPay’s affiliate program, enter in the Top 10 and receive a monthly bonus.


faucetpay affiliate program


If you are looking for a way to grow up your earning, you must try this games. Playing game is a very cool way to increase your coins (but use your head: you can also lose all). 

MULTIPLY BTC: classic Dice game. Maybe you’ve already saw this on other faucets. The most important thing on this game is start with a good amount and have a winning strategy. FaucetPay is the best place where to play Dice because here you’ve many ways to increase your balance and win Bitcoin. (Wagering Contest: win $1100 every two weeks!)

BINARY TRADING: here too you can have good profit. You think Bitcoin price will increase or decrease in the next minutes? On FaucetPay you can bet on the Bitcoin price and get 1.80x profit. You can set a time between 1 minute and 72 hours, placing your bet starting since 10 satoshis. (Binary Contest: $300 weekly)


FaucetPay  has many daily visitors,  if you’re looking for a place to advertise your program getting referrals and sale, why do not try to advertise on it? The most interesting advertisements is the Sponsored Listing: with this package you can purchase the space at the top of the faucet list (cost $ 20 per week).

In the API >> FAUCET SCRIPT menu you can download a WordPress plugin to manage your personal faucet or also download a script to build your own faucet. Do you already have a faucet? Add it on FaucetPay by going to FAUCET OWNER DASHBOARD

If you don’t want to keep your funds on FaucetPay but you feel safer to move the funds to your  wallet, just go to WITHDRAW and make the cashout choosing between the normal withdrawal (5 hours) or the priority withdrawal (5 minutes). Very fast and with low fees.




We believe that FaucetPay is really a great service and a good platform to earn free cryptocurrencies. Easy to use and suitable for experts and beginners, FaucetPay could be your best choice ever. Recommended.

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