How to earn Dogecoin: best websites to earn Doge in 2021

Crypto-mania has returned in recent months, with Bitcoin surpassing the $ 40,000 mark. Even more people want to know how to buy and earb cryptocurrenies. Another cryptocurrency that is making web users dream is Dogecoin. Born as a parody virtual currency, Dogecoin has a strong community of lovers and is currently among the top 10 by capitalization. Just recently the Dogecoin has had an incredible increase, pushed by Redditers and Elon Musk,  reaching $0.10 (but many dream that the Doge can even reach $1). Dogecoin value still low and many people are interestet to buy, earn and store Dogecoin hoping in a great increase. In this article we will explain how you can get Dogecoins online. You can either buy them, earn them easily or even earn interest on it.



To keep your Dogecoins you will first need a Wallet. You can easily create your first online wallet without complications with Dogechain or opt for a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. If you want to buy your Dogecoins online, you can easily do it on Binance, one of the largest and safest exchanges in the world. You can easily buy your Doge using your credit card or other cryptocurrencies. You can cash out your Doge immediately or keep them on Binance and earn through trading.

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Dogecoin still has an affordable price, this means that you will be able to earn full amounts and accumulate high amount of Dogecoin for free.


Here is a selection of projects that will help you quickly earn Dogecoin for free:

  • COINTIPLY – one of the best multifunctional faucets that allows you to earn worthily and without investment. Try completing the Theorem Reach surveys and get paid even when you are not in target, or try watching videos and redeem your points on Cointiply’s account. Payments can be requested in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
  • FAUCETPAY – if you want a constant increase of Dogecoin in your portfolio, this project will allow you to access hundreds of faucets, ptc and other income sites. The wonderful thing about FaucetPay is that it allows you to receive many payments from different projects on a single account. On FaucetPay you can make instant exchanges between Dogecoin and other crypto. You can also play and multiply your Dogecoins using the games on the platform.
  • COINPAYU – ptc that guarantees you a much better income than many other similar sites. Good number of links to click and you can put on auction your referrals. You can easily redeem in Dogecoin starting from 3000 satoshi.
  • FAUCETCRYPTO – multi-function and multi-coin faucet offering PTC, shortlinks and numerous rewards. The remuneration system allows you to even more income thanks to the levels system. The more active you are, the more you will increase your level. Your earnings will increase by 0.125% for each level achieved and the levels are endless.

  • FIREFAUCET: another multi-coin platform with an increase in earnings based on activity. Here you will find PTCs, shortlinks, faucets and offerwall. Use the autoclaim to convert your points into satoshi at a more advantageous rate. Exchange internally between different coins.

  • 8BIT: this investment site has a telegram channel on which you can receive at least 1 Dogecoin per day for free. Create an account on 8bit and then sign up at their Faucet Telegram. You can also invest your Dogecoins on the platform starting with a minimum investment of 365 Dogecoin.
  • FINAL AUTOCLAIM: one of the best performing faucet / ptc with a good yield, minimum payment is only 1 Dogecoin, via FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto.

  • AD-DOGE: hybrid ptc that also allows you to buy Ad-pack at the price of $ 0.10 and earn passive income. There are many other ways to make money. The earnings are credited in dollars and you will need to make an internal transfer from the Main Wallet to the Doge Wallet. Make sure you do this when the value of the Dogecoin drops so as to receive, for the same amount of dollars converted, a greater number of Dogecoin. Very similar to this project is Litecoinads, which however does not sell AdPack.



  • BINANCE: In addition to being the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is one of the most trusted platforms to earn passively. You can stake your Dogecoins with compound interest and daily credit, with an annual interest of 5%.
  • STAKECUBE: one of the most popular forms of passive income is staking. Many platforms and wallets offer this service. StakeCube is one of the few at the moment that also supports Dogecoin. Daily credits with compound interest and interest rate between 7.572% – 11.57% yearly.


Over the past couple of years, Crypto Casinos have become more and more popular and appreciated. If you have a cool head and a good strategy, crypto casinos can also be a good source of income to increase your Dogecoins.


The best casinos that allow you to play Dogecoin:

  • LUCKYFISH – you can enjoy playing your Dogecoins on this popular casino starting from just 1 satoshi and very often receive Dogecoin from RainBonus.

  • STAKE – In addition to games, Stake also gives you the opportunity to place sports bets. Every month, for a few days, through the VIP / RELOAD program, you can receive free DogeCoin.

  • BC.GAME: the minimum bet amount is 10 satoshi. Here you can move your Dogecoins to a virtual safe balance and get daily interest at a rate of 5% per year. What makes this casino unique is the ability to create a private Black Jack table starting with a minimum Bank Roll of 10,000 Dogecoins. The table has 3 seats and gives you 50% profit on the house winnings.


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