The best sites to promote and earn on Rotate4all

Rotate4all is one of the best paid to promote programs online and paying since 2013 (review). Rotate4all accepts all types of traffic, except for autosurf traffic. The profit is $ 0.40 CPM (one thousand visits), so the best solutions are free traffic or with a price of less than $0.40 CPM. Here is a selection of tested sites to promote it getting high number of valid hits and constant payments over time.

1. TRAFFIC EXCHANGE (this is one of the best solutions because it is free traffic that is instantly converted to cash thanks to Rotate4all):

  • Easyhits4u: the largest and most popular traffic exchange site. The exchange ratio is 1: 1 and every 25 sites seen you’ll receive an extra reward;
  • TrafficG: another nice site with a 1: 1 ratio, faster than Easyhits4u, only 12 second to for visit. Receive 50 bonus credits for each referral.
  • Cryptosurf: although the credit here is 0.33 per visit, Cryptosurf allows you to earn several extra credits. In fact, the more you navigate, the more you earn tokens. Tokens can be converted into remunerated AdPacks and each Adpack gives you 250 bonus credits. 
  • Yourptcbiz: this is one of best traffic exchange to promote Rotate4all with best rate of valid hits. Fast surfing and many extra credits. Tips: buy Yearly Gold and you’ll earn cash for surfing ($0.30/$0.35 daily) and you’ll get 3 time more credits. (info)


One of the drawbacks of paid advertising is that it does not always become signups or sales. With Rotate4all the problem is brilliantly overcome because in addition to promoting your referral’s link  you’ll also earn from every visit sent. These are the best offers we suggest:

  • ClixtoYou – $0.29 CPM: Ptc that sell a special package at $29.95 with 100.000 Ptc credits, 200.000 banner and text impressions, 1 month text link;
  • CashTravel – $0.225 CPM: another site with a very cheap offer. Here 120,000 credits are sold for $ 27 in the special offer section. This site is very good beccause they remove the frame after user watch the link: you can get double visits!
  • Optimalbux – $0.12 CPM!! (cheapest one!): here we suggest you to buy 100.000 ClixGrid credits at $12
  • Final Autoclaim – $0.14 CPM: on this nice faucet, in addition to making you earn well, you can also spend your tokens to advertise. 
  • DogeMate – $0.25 CPM




An excellent system is to exploit the traffic of the AdPacks sold by RevShare sites. Normally a user who uses RevShare has a considerable interest in buying packages to increase passive earnings and often converts his own balance by constantly buying new AdPacks. Rotate4ll is an excellent alternative solution for the use your credits. Here are the best solutions

  • PTCShare and Paidverts: these two projects allow you to buy packages for $ 1 consistently. Each package generates a return of around 120% and contains 50 PTC credits.


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