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Bnbpick is a next-generation faucet of the “free claim and play” type, which allows you to earn Binance Coin for free every hour and multiply them using the games available on the platform. The program allows you to achieve exponential earnings based on your activity. If you’re not sure what a faucet is, read our guide.




Like all faucets, Bnbpick allows you to obtain a small fraction of cryptocurrency every hour. Unlike traditional faucets, which base the amount of coins received on the number drawn, on Bnbpick, the amount of coins you can receive varies based on your level within the site. There are a total of 8 levels that will allow you to earn from a minimum of 0.00000075 to a maximum of 0.006 Bnb per claim. You can make a claim every hour. In addition to the faucet, Bnbpick offers the opportunity to substantially increase your balance using Timewall and other survey and offer providers (keep reading to learn more).

bnbpick faucet rewards



Bnbpick is a hybrid faucet. In addition to the usual methods of earning, the site implements many games that can increase the coins you receive for free every hour. The games are the typical and popular games that can be found on many cryptocurrency casinos. The advantage here is that you don’t have to deposit and risk your funds; instead, you can use the free earnings that Bnbpick offers you.


bnbpick free casino games


The games are not just an extra opportunity; they are a fundamental part of the site. In fact, by playing, you have the opportunity to increase your level and receive larger amounts from the faucet. In addition to the possibility of increasing your level, playing allows you to compete in the weekly contest and win additional coins.

In the image below, you can see the level of activity required to advance to the next level.


bnbpick level up requirements



Clearly, the larger your balance, the more coins you will be able to play with, and the faster you will be able to increase your level. It’s very difficult to grow quickly using only the faucet, but fortunately, Bnbpick allows you to earn using other methods as well. On the site, you can complete surveys and microtasks with Timewall, Cpx Research, Bitlabs, and Monclix.


bnbpick offerwall surveys and microtasks


These systems will allow you to earn Bnb very quickly. Surveys can be frustrating for many, but did you know that CPX RESEARCH rewards you even when you don’t fit the target audience? If surveys aren’t your thing, you can take a look at TIMEWALL. This is undoubtedly the best earning system to increase your earnings on Bnbpick. Timewall, in addition to surveys and offers, offers many TASKs (or micro-jobs). Some micro-jobs are very simple: they involve visiting sponsored blogs, browsing for a few minutes, opening various articles, and then clicking on an advertisement. There are many activities like this on Timewall, and you will easily earn several euros a day with this system. You can withdraw your Timewall earnings directly to Bnbpick.

In the image below, you can see our daily withdrawals made from Timewall to Bnbpick.


Bnbpick timewall withdraw



Bnbpick has an affiliate program that allows you to earn from people you refer to the program. The commissions are as follows:

  • 50% from the faucet
  • 0.40% of the amount wagered in games
  • 5% for surveys

To incentivize the activity of your referrals, you can offer them a refback percentage, which is a commission on the commissions they will help you earn. By signing up through us, you can get 10% of the commissions back (sign up now).




Bnbpick is an excellent free site for earning cryptocurrencies for free. The ability to increase your balance with Timewall and play while leveling up will allow you to have a great experience with this site. It’s definitely worth spending some time on it.




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