Wowapp: earn money chatting, cashback and more | Review

WowApp is a cool messaging and cashback app online since several years, which allows you to earn for free using your smartphone / tablet. Wowapp was born as a pure messaging app similar to Whatsapp to earn money by chatting. Now the app added many features and became maybe the best app to make money for free through mobile devices. In addition to making you earn by chatting with your friends, the app allows you to receive Cashback on online purchases, complete surveys, watch videos, relax while playing, etc., receiving commissions for each of these actions. In addition, WowApp has an affiliate program that will allow you to invite people and build a strong network with which you’ll  earn up to the eighth level.




Have you ever thought about how much time you spend chatting with your friends and acquaintances? Or how many messages do you receive daily from groups? What if you could earn a reward for the time you spend chatting and for all the time your friends and friends of your friends spend chatting? With WowApp this is possible. You can chat, create groups, text and voice messages, but with the difference that you will get rewards for the time spent on the chat.

To start earning, just download the WowApp app. You can use the app both on mobile devices and on your computer. You will start earning immediately, in fact Wowapp allows you to earn simply by chatting thanks to the collaboration with large advertising networks such as Google Ads. 80% of the revenue generated from advertisements will be distributed to users who use the app to chat.

As soon as you have downloaded and opened the app, we recommend that you go to settings and also activate the SmartSlide. This is an optional tool but it allows you to increase your passive earnings from the app. If you activate this function, you will see an announcement every time you activate the screen of your smartphone from standby mode.

Earnings from Chat and SmartSlide are credited once a day.




One of the most important features of WowApp is Cashback, thanks to which you can get a reward for your online purchases. There are many good websites that offer this service, but none offer commissions for 8 levels like WowApp. There are over 1000 shops from which you and your friends can get money back from your purchases,. Doing so is very simple, just click on CASHBACK and you will be redirected to the list of sponsored shops. Search for your favorite brand, complete the purchase and within a few days you will receive a credit on your WowApp account.




You can further increase your earnings by visiting the INSTANT EARNING section. Here, in addition to being able to watch paid videos, you will be able to find numerous offers, complete actions on various social networks and communities by receiving compensation, complete surveys. This type of income is credited instantly.




In addition to the features we talked about above, there are others, less used, but which will allow you to earn a little more. In fact, Wowapp allows you to make free calls to all users who own the app. But it is possible to call all over the world even those who do not use the app. To do this, you need to top up your Wowapp account and purchase credit. You will receive a small cashback on calls made.

There is also a section dedicated to entertainment, where you can play free games. The app will credit you with money for the time spent relaxing and enjoying the sponsored games.



One of the most exciting things about this app is its 8-level affiliate program that will allow you to build a really large network. In fact, WowApp also rewards you for all the friends of your friends up to the eighth generation. The larger your network, the more you will earn from chat, cashback, games, instant earnings. It takes a few dozen friends who invited other friends to be able to build a network of thousands of people and this will allow you to have a good passive income. No other free app offers this possibility. 




All earnings will be credited to you in the form of WowCoins. 100 Wowcoins worths $1 and you can claim your payment from as little as $2. The app is graphically very intuitive and you will not struggle to find the CASH button. Withdrawals can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, donated to charity or converted into credit for your favorite partner store. Payments are usually made within 48 hours.

We have been Wowapp users for a long time, we follow it since its launch and it already paid us more than $100. You can check our payments on our Forum, in Payment Proof Archive. Initially the app was very simple, then many features were added such as Cashback and Instant Earnings, which made it truly unique. Of all the free earning apps, WowApp is probably the best and it would be a real shame not to have it.


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