is a program that allows you to make money online through affiliate marketing. The platform collects funds and investments from users who will subsequently be directed to marketing campaigns aimed at sponsoring partner programs. The compensation of the sales generated is divided between the platform and the money lender, who thus receives a compensation called cashback, for allowing the company to finance these advertising campaigns. for its ease of use has gained a lot of popularity in the last year and for many it has become a kind of promised land. The company, however, has always kept its anonymous appearance and this obviously has also earned it a bad reputation. Here you can read our review, with pros / cons and a critical analysis. Given the anonymous nature of the business, like all online businesses, we always invite caution and live, if you feel like it, these adventures as simple bets, not as jobs or investments with guaranteed returns. has never dissatisfied its users so far. All payments always arrived within 24 hours. Despite this, many users have always been extremely cautious and doubtful. However, confidence has always remained high. In July, however, this confidence dropped considerably due to a problem with the platform, which caused many to shout “save whoever can!”. What’s happening? Is a scam? Is dead? Given the enormous confusion that has been created, let’s try to clarify it.




On July 12, 2021, the site was blocked throughout the Russian federation. The block was caused by the inclusion of in the blacklist of Roskomnadzor, the federal service on supervision in the sphere of connection and mass communication, probably following a report, presumably for point 15.3, which reads “dissemination of information containing appeals for mass riots, implementation of extremist activities “. This is what we learn from the official telegram channel.

This incident not only resulted in the impossibility of access for all Russian users, but because the web was interconnected, a chain reaction involving the blocking of bank accounts, cashback aggregators and Google accounts. Many aggregators, having learned of the report, immediately stopped the flow of money to the accounts linked to the company that manages




The positive note is that promptly communicated the measures it would soon adopt: temporary blocking of cashbacks, advertising campaigns, deposits and collections. The bad thing is that there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the events of the last two weeks. has a telegram channel for communications that unfortunately not everyone knows and this has meant that various news spreads, even very different from those communicated by the company’s telegram channel. From this point of view, the situation was not managed in an optimal way and communications, although precise, were not constant and this left free space for the circulation of conflicting news. For updates on the situation, we recommend that you trust this channel only: Ai Marketing News, accessible from the site through the chat bot.




On 26 July, a company meeting was organized between top management and team leaders. The company has announced that from the meeting held they give a time of at least 10 days to update all user accounts and balances, stopped from July 15. The arrears were credited to INB almost immediately and this is certainly a positive sign.



Now it seems that the company is entering into new partnerships with payment providers, as well as reopening new accounts in order to relaunch advertising campaigns. Until an official company communication arrives, it is recommended not to take any action in order not to risk a loss of data and information. In addition, an appeal was filed with Roskomnadzor, which has the right to respond within 30 days of submitting the complaint. No communication has yet been received regarding the outcome of the complaint.




This is a question we cannot answer. As we have already said in detail in the review, this business has several critical points and therefore must be seen not as the safest place to deposit money, but possibly as a bet to be lived with the same spirit as playing the lottery.

From what we have seen and analyzed, there is a crisis management, there is a willingness to solve a problem and there has actually been a problem with the Russian federation (Roskomnadzor in 2015 blacklisted the Russian Wikipedia, block then removed). Ai’s site was actually blacklisted and it is certainly good that it was not the usual excuse invented to prepare the exit strategy.

Very often, online programs stop paying suddenly and there is usually no notice, as well as no communication after the service is interrupted. The positive thing is that is still alive on a communicative level, a sign that there is a willingness to tackle the problem. We remind you that it is not possible to deposit at the moment, therefore the delay is certainly not due to the desire to continue to collect user’s money.

The company has announced that it will soon resume its activities and therefore we can only recommend you to wait, without too many questions. In the event that actually resumes business, it is certainly better to be cautious and above all not to rush to withdrawals, in order not to create financial shocks and delays. If necessary, withdraw what you have already planned to withdraw and continue without anguish. Remember that investing in this type of program always involves risk, so always risk what you are willing to lose and do it with the same spirit with which you would make a sports bet.

Here you can read a shared update on the telegram group following the company meeting:


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