Ad-doge: earn free Dogecoin daily | Review

Ad-doge is a ptc, faucet and earning site that allow you to earn free Dogecoins. The site is online and paying since 2020 and you can make beetween 20-50 doge daily without referrals. It support payments on FaucetPay.


Ad-doge has several ways to earn and this allow you to make a good daily amount without referrals. As you can see in the image below you have a great choice of earning system and this makes Ad-doge one of the best sites to earn Dogecoin for free. 

earn with ad-doge

  • PTC: one of the main methods to get Dogecoin on Ad-doge. You need only a few minutes a day to click 10/30 links for day. You can earn up to 0.50 Doge per click.
  • FAUCET: there are two faucet pages. The first faucet allows you to make a claim every 10 minutes and get up to 500 doge per claim. The second one is under the menu item Hcaptcha: you’ll make fixed 0.005 doge for claim and there isn’t timer: you can claim unlimited times every day!
  • VIDEO: make extra Doge by watching Vimeo and Youtube every day. Pay rate: 0.20 doge (30 seconds view).
  • SHORTLINK: those are another good earning system, but is very boring. However we recommend to complete at least 5 shortlinks to get the daily activity bonus.
  • EXTRA: do you want to earn more? Complete the Offerwall tasks (surveys, paid to click, app download), earn by following Twitter pages and complete CPA offers. You can also get free traffic to your referral link surfing the Traffic Exchange and play at Traffic Grid to win additional free Doge and referrals. 


Be active daily and reach the minimum requirement to get 10 Doge daily activity bonus. You must claim your bonus manually after you completed all the tasks.


dogecoin daily bonus


There are 3 types of accounts: Free, Upgraded and Premium. The second and third are not free, they cost 1000/1500 Doge monthly. The two paid accounts allow you to earn more from your click/claim and allow you to rent more Referrals at cheapest price. We recommend the paid account only if you have many active referrals and you want increase gains

The direct referrals are unlimited for all three memberships, while rented referrals limit is 50/100/500. Your referral earnings it’s credited in the  COMMISSION BALANCE and to be withdrawable must be transferred to the MAIN BALANCE. You’ll pay a fee between 2% to 10% for transfer from Commission to Main.


If you are looking for cheap advertising Ad-doge is a good site. You can buy different types of advertising: direct Ptc advertising, video advertising, banners, Login Ads or also advertise your Twitter account to get followers. PTC cost 850 Doge for 5000 views



Minimum payout is set at 50 Dogecoin. Ad-doge pays on FaucetPay, WalCrypt, Coinpayments or private wallets. There is a daily limit of 1000 Dogecoins and you can ask up to 5 payouts every day.


Ad-doge is a good platform to make some extra Dogecoin for free. The site is currently paid and payments are sent within 24 hours. If you are looking a site risk free to rise some money, this could be a nice place to earn. You’ll no become rich with it, but you can make some good amount of Dogecoin with a few minutes for day. 

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