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ARC.IO is a program that allows you to obtain passive income with your blog / website without advertisements. If you are looking for alternative solutions to Adsense or other advertising systems, or if you want to integrate these systems with something less invasive, try and start earning from every visitor.




ARC.IO allows you to earn from every visit to your site without adsense and without advertisements. Arc works in the background and will activate every time people arrive on your site, taking part of their bandwidth to make it available to a shared network that will be used for various services for individuals and companies. From our experience ARC does not disturb and does not interfere with the user experience.

The remuneration varies based on numerous factors: the amount of shared bandwidth, the location of the visitors, the time visitors spend on your site and obviously the number of visits to your site. earn passive income from your blog



To install on your domain and start earning, it only takes a few minutes. You can install on all your domains, on any type of website and on all your subdomains. The program works in the background, does not disturb the user and therefore can also be used on e-commerce sites.

1) Click on ADD ARC TO A NEW SITE to start installation


After adding your domain, proceed with the installation. Follow the installation procedure on the site.

2) First of all, open a notepad and copy the text you will find by clicking on “”. Copy and paste the text and save this file as arc-sw.js.



3) Add the arc-sw.js file saved on your website server. You can do this using your hosting’s File Manager or using a FTP Client such as Filezilla. Verify that you have uploaded the .js file correctly by typing If you have done it correctly you should see a page like ours:



4) The last step is to add the widget on your site. Copy the strip of code you find in step 5 and insert it inside the <head> ……. </head> tags. If you use wordpress you can use a plugin to insert the code easily. Try to install Head, Footer and Post Injections, paste the code in the HEAD “ON EVERY PAGE” box. Save and close.



If you have done all the procedures correctly, a small purple icon will appear in the lower left corner. From this moment you will start earning from each visit to your site. Payments are made through Paypal automatically upon reaching € 5. Add your Paypal email to your ARC account to automatically receive payments.



In conclusion, ARC.IO is an excellent alternative to traditional methods for monetizing your website. If you can’t use Adsense or similar, if you don’t like seeing your site full of advertisements and you want to keep your site clean and welcoming, is definitely a very interesting program that can allow you to remunerate each visit and the time it takes. your visitors go to your site.




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