BFG Token: what it is and how to buy / sell it | Tutorial

The BFG token is a cryptocurrency issued by the gaming platform and crypto casino Betfury. The BFG is a very valuable token that can be mined by playing on the platform or even purchased online. The importance of this token, beyond its mere value, derives from the fact that owning it and holding it on the Betfury account automatically enables you to receive daily credits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, USDT and Tron. Therefore owning this token allows you to generate a daily income.



Betfury’s platform allows you to get a fraction of BFG every 60 minutes. Another way to get the token for free is to mine it through the game (1 BFG is extracted for every 40 USDT played). In addition, the best players get daily bonuses through contests. Given its nature linked to the distribution of a daily income, holding this token is decidedly strategic. The greater the number of BFGs you own, the greater your daily income will be.



However, getting it just by playing can be a long process, so it can be practical to make a purchase of BFG to transfer them to Betfury and start earning immediately. But how and where you can buy them?


BFG is a BEP20 token, which works on the Binance Smart Chain. It is not traded on any centralized exchange, but you will need to use a DEX (a decentralized exchange) instead. One of the largest and most trusted projects offering this token for buy / sell is Biswap. Let’s see how to get it and transfer it to Betfury.

1) First you need to download the Trust Wallet or Metamask app. TW is one of the most popular wallets to trade on the Binance Smart Chain.

2) After creating your Trust Wallet account you will need BNB Smart Chain. This is a BEP20 token that you will need to pay for transaction fees when you trade or send tokens using Trust Wallet.


Buy token on Trust Wallet


You can buy BNB Smart Chain directly on TW by clicking on the buy button or alternatively, if you have BNB on other wallets, you can easily transfer them to Trust Wallet by clicking on RECEIVE and copying the code that will be generated. If you move BNB from other wallets, remember to set BEP20 as blockchain.

3) After you have BNB Smart Chain on your wallet it’s time to go and trade it to get the BFG token. To do this we will use the Biswap DEX. Enter in the Trust Wallet browser (depending on the device you are using you will find it in the bar with the name “Browser” or “Dapps”) and enter this link ( in the search bar above (using our link you will get 50% referral commissions back)


how to use Trust Wallet browser


Now select Binance Smart Chain as blockchain and finally connect your wallet.


how to connect your wallet to Biswap


4) After connecting your wallet to Biswap select TRADE >> EXCHANGE.

Set as the first BNB coin and as the second BFG, then proceed to the exchange by clicking on SWAP. We advise you not to convert all your BNBs but to always leave a few fractions of BNB in the balance in order to carry out the exchange and sending transactions.


Swap token on Biswap


5) After making the trade, your BFGs will be available almost immediately in your wallet. If you don’t see your BFGs in the dashboard you will need to set up them manually. Click the icon at the top right.


Add token to Trust Wallet, part.2


Look for the BFG token in the list and click on the slider to activate it. If the BFG token is not present, add it manually by clicking on +.


Add token to Trust Wallet, part.2


Now complete the data as follows:

  • Network: BNB Smart Chain
  • Contract address: 0xBb46693eBbEa1aC2070E59B4D043b47e2e095f86
  • Name: BFG Token
  • Symbol: BFG
  • Decimals: 18

You can check the data here:



Now that you have completed all the steps, you will correctly view the BFG token on your wallet. Now you just have to copy the deposit address on Betfury and move the tokens from Trust Wallet to your Betfury account to start earning daily interest.




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