Cashtravel – stable Ptc online since 2012 | Review

CashTravel is a small PTC online and paying permanently since 2012. It belongs to the genre of low-risk PTCs, called aurora, which are characterized by the high number of links, the low payout and the absence of referral for rent. Ptc like CashTravel are often frequented by beginners users and thanks to the low price of advertising packages, they are also popular platforms for those looking for low-cost traffic. Although the gain is smaller than normal, PTC as Cashtravel allows you to have guaranteed payments on a regular basis. The minimum cashout is just $ 0.05 on Paypal and $ 1.05 on PerfectMoney.


CashTravel has four methods of earning:

  • Ptc: click on paid links;
  • Ptr: similar to paid clicks, but before being redirected, read a brief description;
  • Ptre: paid to read emails
  • Ptsu: paid to complete offers
  • The average click rate is around 0.001 for free members, while premium accounts have an extra click of $ 0.035 as well and 50% bonus on other clicks.

Membership: Among the premium offers, it is certainly worth trying an annual Upgrade Traveler V3. The package has a cost of $50 yearly and, in addition to the extra cash, a good amount of advertising credits: 4,000 Ptc and Ptr monthly, which cost $ 1.18 and $2.36 respectively, plus 30,000 traffic exchange credits and banner impressions and text advertising. Certainly the upgrade is amply repaid.

Referrals and affiliations: you can have unlimited direct referrals and you can earn up to 100% of their clicks. There are no referrals for rent, but periodically  admin can sell registered users that enrolled Cashtravel without a sponsor link. The premiums can also receive sales commissions of up to 4%.


If you are looking for cheap web traffic, Cashtravel is the right platform. Over 100,000 members and a fair number of active, Cashtravel also allows poorer portfolios to access to the advertising market. The best packages include:

  • Travel Special PTC link: 120,000 credits for only $ 27. One of the most competitive prices on the web. If you are looking for a way to promote and make money on Rotate4all, this is a package you can’t miss;
  • PTSU: 100 credits for only $10.


Although it does not promise very high earnings, Cashtravel is a great travel companion, whether you want to earn something or if you want to try advertising. The low cost of advertising allows for a significant number of visits and potential referrals. If you are looking for traffic for your Paid To Promote programs (great for Rotate4all) or have a page like ours, Cashtravel fully meets your needs.

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