DogeAdStake: new site to earn Doge for free | Review

DogeAdStake is a multifunctional faucet with an adpacks profit sharing system online from May 2021. The project is the twin of TronAdProfit, whose essential characteristics it follows. The site allows you to make money directly in Dogecoin, has performance rewards and makes payments on FaucetPay starting from 1 Doge.




On DogeAdStake there are 5 earning systems: PTC, Faucet, Doge AdPack, Achievements and affiliate program.

You can make one FAUCET claim every 60 minutes, while in the PTC section you can click paid links, with a variable timer from 5 to 60 seconds. On average there are a variable number from 15 to 20 links. The activity in these two sections is very important because it allows you to reach the milestones necessary to collect the bonuses in the achievements section. You can get a cumulative bonus of around 100 Dogecoin, redeemable upon reaching certain activity levels. The earnings obtained in these sections can be multiplied up to 192% through the DogeAdPack program with which you can get automatic payments every 60 minutes on your FaucetPay account.


DogeAdStake ptc



The DogeAdPack is a profit sharing program, which allows you to get a passive return up to 192%. Just buy 1 or more AdPack at the cost of 1 Dogecoin, to receive automatic payments every 60 minutes and a variable percentage return from 110% to 192%, based on the volume of your purchase. Each Pack also gives you 20 PTC credits and 400 banner credits to advertise your favourite programs.


Here’s how to go about activating your AdPack:

1 – Click on BUY ADPACK on the left menu.

2 – Select the way to buy. You can choose to deposit 1 Dogecoin using FaucetPay, or you can use your earnings. To use the earnings you will have to top up the PURCHASE BALANCE. To do this, go to the Dashboard, select DEPOSIT DOGE and select ACCOUNT BALANCE as deposit method.

3 – Select PURCHASE DOGE STAKING, enter the number of Dogecoin you want to invest and enter the Dogecoin address connected to your FaucetPay account (if you don’t know how, read our FaucetPay review).

4 – Click on PURCHASE to complete the purchase.


DogeAdStake Adpack passive income


You will now start receiving automatic payments every 60 minutes directly to your FaucetPay account. The Pack lasts for 30 days.

5 – After completing the purchase, fill out the form on the left to create your Ad and to use your ad credits.




Achievements are additional rewards based on the activity you perform on the site. Each type of activity has 10 bonuses. The higher the level you reach, the greater the bonus collected. Progressive and cumulative bonuses.

You’ll rewarded for:

  • REFERRALS: from a minimum of 0.50 to a maximum of 50 Dogecoin bonuses;
  • PTC: from a minimum of 0.05 to a maximum of 28 Dogecoin;
  • FAUCET: from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 20 Dogecoin;
  • TRAFFIC (paid to promote): from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 100 Dogecoin. To promote your link for free and make money, you can use traffic exchanges. Try YourPtcBiz, Easyhits4u, Trafficg.


Dogeadstake referrals achievements



DogeAdStake rewards who  build a large network around themselves. The program recognizes you 20% for referral clicks and 10% for faucet. In addition, there is a commission plan built on 4 levels, which will allow you to get a commission from your 4 levels referrals purchase/upgrade. FREE users only earn from the first line. To get commissions on 4 levels you will need to be a PREMIUM member: first make sure you have a good network before purchasing any of the premium accounts. In the image, the details and costs of the premium accounts.


Dogeadstake upgrade account



DogeAdStake is presented as an original faucet / ptc, with different stimulating features. AdPack with passive income and automatic payments, a referral plan structured on 4 levels, the numerous bonuses: all this features make it a site that can satisfy a fairly large niche of users. Although the site allows you to buy and invest in AdPack, it is also possible to do so using the earnings, so it is a site suitable even for those who do not like to invest. Barring future downsizing, it is currently a good performing site. If you like this site, try its twin TronAdProfit as well.


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