DogeAdStake, TronAdProfit and StakeTether | Review (Not recommended/Scam)

DogeAdStake is a multifunctional faucet with an adpack and profit sharing system online from May 2021. The project is the twin of TronAdProfit, and the very recent StakeTether. The site allows you to get the profit directly in Dogecoin, has performance rewards and it promise to make payments on FaucetPay starting from 1 Doge.

Based on our test and our direct experience, we can say that they are strongly NOT RECOMMENDED, as SCAMS and NON-PAYING or with selective payments. The following article is purely informative.




On DogeAdStake there are 5 earning systems: PTC, Faucet, Doge AdPack, Achievements and affiliate program.

You can make a claim on the FAUCET every 60 minutes, while in the PTC section you can click paid links, with a variable timer from 5 to 60 seconds. On average there are a variable number from 15 to 20 links. By carrying out the activity in these two sections, bonuses can be obtained and redeemed in the achievements section.

DogeAdStake ptc



Doge Staking is a profit sharing program, which promise you to get a passive return on your Doge. There are two types of programs:

  • Doge AdPacks ***: you can buy 1 or more AdPacks at the cost of 1 Dogecoin, to receive automatic payments on FaucetPay every 60 minutes and a variable percentage return from 110% to 192%, based on the volume of your purchase. Each Pack also gives you 20 PTC credits and 400 banner credits to advertise on the platform.
  • Doge Stake Packages: these packages have a duration of 50 days and allow you to obtain a minimum return of 25% by stake your Doge. The minimum package is 50 Doge and they are purely speculative, so they do not give any advertising credit.

*** We tested this mode for both DogeAdStake and TronAdProfit: automatic payments are not regular, over time they decrease until they disappear completely. After 30 days the pack expires, not only without profit, but even with a loss. TO AVOID




Achievements are additional rewards based on the activity you perform on the site. Each type of activity has 10 bonuses. The higher the level you reach, the greater the bonus collected. Progressive and cumulative bonuses.

You’ll rewarded for:

  • REFERRALS: from a minimum of 0.50 to a maximum of 50 Dogecoin bonuses;
  • PTC: from a minimum of 0.05 to a maximum of 28 Dogecoin;
  • FAUCET: from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 20 Dogecoin;
  • TRAFFIC (paid to promote): from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 100 Dogecoin. To promote your link for free and make money, you can use traffic exchanges. Try YourPtcBiz, Easyhits4u, Trafficg.


Dogeadstake referrals achievements



DogeAdStake promises to reward the most active users who can build a large network. The program promise to recognizes you 20% for referral clicks and 10% for faucet. In addition, there is a commission plan built on 4 levels, which allows you to obtain a commission if your referrals purchase a premium account or an adpack. FREE users only earn from the first line. To get commissions on 4 levels you will need to be a PREMIUM member.


Dogeadstake upgrade account



DogeAdStake looks like an original faucet / ptc, with different stimulating and attractive functions. But only its shell remains beautiful: inside the egg it is rotten, the site does not pay or pay first or low payment to deceive users. AdPacks expire with a loss of more than 50% and manual payments do not arrive. In some circumstances, users find their accounts blocked for no reason. On FaucetPay in the faucet list of paying projects, there is no payment from DogeAdStake, TronAdProfit and StakeTether. The projects are 100% SCAM.


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