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eSpiredAds is an advertising platform that allows you to create your own advertisement and receive thousands of views completely free. In this article I’ll explain how it works, how to create and manage your ad and how to create your website like eSpiredAds to earn from advertising.


eSpiredAds is a free ad platform on which you can publish your ad and find new referrals for your programs. All you have to do is visit the home page and publish your ad by entering a referral link, title and a description of up to 175 words. Sponsoring adult programs is not permitted.


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You’ll not pay nothing to submit your ad. After creating your ad you will receive a verification email to your email address. Click to confirm your email address. Once you click on the verification link, your ad will be instantly online and you will receive a second email with your password to access in your eSpiredAds account and modify your ad. Here is how your ad will look like:



Advertising will never expire. eSpiredAds shows up to 100 ads on its page. All new advertisements appear at the top of the page and move to the bottom as new advertisements are published (only one advertisement per user is allowed). It is possible to get your ad back to the top simply by inviting people to the program. Each referral gets you 3 bump-ups to get your ad back to the top.

View stats appear immediately below your ad. However, clicks are not displayed, so we recommend using a Track Link to find out how many people have visited your link. You can use LeadLeap‘s free Track Link service, which allows you not only to track clicks, but also monitor how long users stay on your page.

On your personal page you can choose to customize your advertisement to make it more visible. You can decide to add a color, have a bigger ad, add an image or an emoticon. Very interesting is the feature that allows you to publish your ad at the end of the welcome email sent to new users. All these extra services are not free.




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