Fake Blockchain’s Airdrop: the scam that steals all Bitcoins

Are you browsing the web to find  new opportunities to increase your Bitcoin wallet? Do you like to join Airdrop to receive free cryptocurrencies? Well, the world of cryptocurrencies is often full of dangers and many times a great deal is nothing more than a big scam. These scams often are hidden behind some Airdrops. With this operation you’ll able to receive free crypto donations (normally are made to promote new cryptocurrencies)

Airdrops could be offered by token/crypto creators or by famous wallets such as Blockchain or Coinbase, but other times they are promoted by scammers who are just trying to get your personal data to scam you. What we report to you now is a scam that uses the Blockchain brand to access your wallet and steal all your Bitcoins

Lately, while we browsing Bitcoin earning site, we found a page that promote a Blockchain Airdrop up to 5 Bitcoin (really?). The first strange thing is that we are not on the blockchain.com domain, but on another domain that has nothing to do with Blockchain. This is the first obvious sign that we are facing a scam. When it offers an airdrop, Blockchain notifies you within your wallet and does not need to create a new website.



How does they cheat you? The scam is very simple. Through a form they will try to steal your some sensitive data, allowing to this scammers to accesso in to your wallet stealing all your Bitcoins. On the site there is also a video tutorial with an example of a 2.5 Bitcoin airdrop (about $ 25,000!).

Basically they ask you to enter your Bitcoin address, your email and your 12 secret words that you should never share with anyone, because it is the only way to access your funds in case you forget your login credentials.



If you’re scammed, unfortunately you can’t do nothing to recover your funds and Blockchain cannot help you. So be careful, because with hopes of receiving a generous airdrop you’ll risk to lose losing everything. On the Blockchain facebook profile many users have written that they have lost all their funds, but Blockchain has no responsibility and cannot protect or refund you if you give your precious 12 secret words to attackers.


But the scam doesn’t end there. We removed the /airdrop/claim/claim/airdrop.html string from the address bar to go directly to the Home page. The site offers another sensational offer to make Bitcoins disappear from your wallet. They will offer to send from 0.001 to 25 Bitcoins to the specified address to receive 0.01 to 250 Bitcoins back instantly. Not bad right? Too bad, however, that the money will only go out and will never go back as promised.



As you can see, it is really easy to be a victim of cybercriminals and lose everything in a few seconds. The ingredients are simple: using a famous earning opportunity (airdrop) using a famous brand (such as Blockchain) and finally using people dream that want to earn money online too quickly. The web does not give you anything and it makes your success sweat hard. Those who try to convince you otherwise, that everything is easy and just a click away, not only is lying to you but probably also has a double purpose, which is often to scam you.

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