Faucet News January 2021: updates from Faucet world

In the last 3 months we have seen a great growth in the value of cryptocurrencies. The big hold players party, while the beginners try to earn as much as possible to increase their portfolio. Everyone wants to get on the train. Someone recently asked us: why are the faucets reducing earnings?

So, why do faucets are decreasing earnings? In truth, the faucets are not decreasing the revenue share they pay you. The faucets pay you a fixed fee every hour and the claim is based on the dollar. So every time the value of Bitcoin increases, the amount of satoshi claims decreases, but its dollar equivalent remains the same. You feel like you are getting less, but you are getting the same amount as ever.

Unfortunately, however, the the cryptocurrencies rally is creating instability in the world of faucets and many are forced to review their operation. The little faucets are in pain and even some historical groups of faucets will close their doors.



The end of Coinpot is maybe the most sensational, most unexpected and most painful news. The closure seems to be due to private issues, the fact is that the seven Coinpot faucets will be deactivated starting from January 31st. Some Coinpot functions will remain active until February 28th. You have until that date to convert and collect all your coins on your private wallet (you can cash out on FaucetPay without taxes).


These two small faucets also cease their activity. While not as popular as Coinpot, they had a small following due to their payments on FaucetPay. The administrator has communicated the deactivation of all functions of the site and the interruption of earnings. At the moment BitsFree seems to have been relaunched with a new design. There are just 600 subscribers, so it could be a new project on the same domain.



These were very popular faucets because of the 5 and 3 minute timers and low and instant minimum payout. Something is changing here too. First, the claim timer has been increased to 10 minutes. It was supposed to be a temporary measure, but the two faucets stopped paying on January 8. CoinAdster has now a new admin and he changed  the internal BITS value. The exchange rate of 1 Bits = 1 satoshi is raised to 10 bits = 1 satoshi. The budgets have been updated and the site has started paying exclusively on FaucetPay (payment are instant). No updates for DogeBitsFree. The Doge faucet is online and functional but currently non-paying. We will see in the next few days. 



Litecoin lovers sure know and love Litecoinads, a Ptc/revshare where you can earn Litecoin. But it has made some important changes. Earnings balance are now in dollars and they will be converted in Litecoins only when you request payout. AdPacks have been deactivated. Website still paying, normally in 24/48 hours after cashout request. 


Obviously not everything is so bad, there are many  good projects that you can continue to use successfully. Along with the evergreen Freebitcoin, multi-function faucets like Cointiply and GraBTC are the ones that seem to offer more stability and opportunities. FaucetPay is the project you can’t miss and it’s very better than Coinpot. Not a faucet, but a cool alternative projects with many earning features, Betfury cannot be ignored (to read our review click here). An interesting news instead comes from Rotate4all: the popular Paid to Promote program has added FaucetPay as a payment option. 

For PTC the best and recommended project are AdBtc and Coinpayu, which keep to pay regularly and without problems.



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