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Stake - VIP RELOAD program until May 1st. Free Crypto every 10 minutes

Stake is a cryptocurrency casino and betting site. Every month the site offers the VIP RELOAD promotion with which you can claim FREE CRYPTO. The VIP RELOAD program is activated about twice a month for a few days, with two variants: one every 24 hours, one every 10 minutes. This time it is the turn of the VIP RELOAD every 10 minutes until May 1st. A great opportunity to build your own bank roll to play on this site. To access the site from Italy, change your pc's DNS.

The VIP RELOAD program is a very good opportunity, because it pays much more than a common faucet. These are the current rewards that can be claimed every 10 minutes:

  • BTC 0.00000064
  • LTC 0.00013607
  • ETH 0.00001272
  • DOGE 0.11
  • BCH 0.00003909
  • XRP 0.02499
  • TRON 0.31
  • EOS 0.0059

The claim amounts could have small variations that depend by the cryptocurrencies price trend. To claim your reload bonus: click on the man icon and then follow this steps: VIP >>> RELOAD, then select your favorite crypto and make the FREE CLAIM. Come back after 10 minutes and make a new claim.
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