FruitLab – earn to watch and upload videos (game play) | Review

FruitLab is a video platform similar to YouTube dedicated to the world of video games. Share your game play on the FruitLab’s community and you’ll be earn for every view, but is not all: you get paid also to watch video. If you are a gamer or a videogame fun, you will certainly like this project, because it will give you the opportunity to monetize the highlights of your games. Payments are made in gift cards. Let’s see in detail how you can earn on FruitLab.





FruitLab is really easy to use. By creating an account you will have your own channel and you can follow and be followed by other players. FruitLab also pays you for every video you see and for every person you invite on the platform. You’ll earn a digital currency called PIPS, which you can spend in the shop to buy gift card. The conversion rate is 1000 PIPS = $ 1

Here’s how you make money on FruitLab:

  • Upload your game play: a game play is a kind of video that captures a game moment of your games. Any game is fine, as long as the content is yours. FruitLab recognizes a great reward for viewing your videos. 100 views pay at least 200/300 PIPS.
  • Watch Game Play: Watching videos has never been more enjoyable. FruitLab give you a random amount between 1 and 6 PIPS for every watched video. Autoplay can be activated.
  • Invite new users: promote and register your friends on FruitLab, for each confirmed friend a bonus of 500 PIPS for you and 100 welcome PIPS for him


To access to the FruitLab video content, simply click on the screen icon in the top menu (1). The next page will show you the video list of your FOLLOWING (2), while if you want to access a wider list you can click on the yellow FEATURED button (3). By clicking on the name of the player (4) you will be able to access the player’s private channel to view all his videos.




You can use FruitLab on every devices. Anyway is smartest on phone or tablet. If your device have not a screen recording function, you can download ADV Screen Recorder app for free from the Play Store. You don’t know where to play game? Sign up on Wowapp and play at hundreds of free games available on the app. Once your video is recorded, follow these steps from your FruitLab account

  1. Open the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Upload
  3. Select the video



4. Complete your video by entering all the necessary data: Title, the device used to play, if there are age restrictions, if it is a game or a vodcast, the name of the game (if not present select “Other”) and finally the category (review, fail, skill, etc.)

5. Once your video is approved click on the slider to switch your video from Unlisted to Listed.


You will be able to cashout your compensation as soon as you reach a PIPS value of $5 (1000 PIPS = $ 1). Cashout is very simple and fast, generally it is processed within 24 hours. Earnings are paid in Gift Cards (App store, Steam, Amazon, Apex).



To be able to access the shop you must first meet certain activity requirements on the site and reach the Corporal level.

FruitLab therefore seems to us a nice program, with a very specific target and with a good incentive system. Compensation is decent and good results can be obtained. If you are not a regular gamer, create an account on WowApp and access a wide list of free games from which to record your game play.


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