GoalTycoon – Earn money playing Football Manager game | (Scam/Closed)

GoalTycoon is a football manager strategy game. The thing that makes Goaltycoon unique compared to the other managers, is that your skills will be rewarded: in fact Goaltycoon is the first game that allows you to cashout the money earned by your virtual team. The enormous possibilities offered by this game are so broad, that over the years it has earned itself a place among our favorite online earnings programs. It is not necessary to understand football to become a good player and to help you we have created a COMPLETE GUIDE to support you on this journey. Registration is free and no download is required.


Goaltycoon simulates the management of a sports club, so with the creation of the team you come into possession of a small football club, of which you will take care of every aspect: from the financial to the sporting one. You will be in charge of training and to build the necessary infrastructures to have a winning company: stadiumrestauranthotel, player tradingyouth sector, but also to set aside capital and buy shares to guarantee periodic dividends and a passive income to your company. You can even trade speculating on fluctuations in the exchange rate of the three currenciesEuroGold and local currency. A really interesting game, with the additional incentive of economic return.



Championship and cup prizes, stadium receipts, dividends, buying and selling of players and the chance to buy other teams or affiliate new teams, getting 10% of their prizes. The chances of gain on Goaltycoon are really important: every month up to € 400 for the victory of the championship, up to € 889 for the continental cup, the gains that can be obtained from the stadium that can also approach up to € 10 per match, and many other bonuses, dividends and the sales of your players who can sometimes reach 3-digit numbers.

Let’s talk about thousands of euros monthly potential income. Obviously, like all companies, there are costs to be faced and it will be the ability of each manager to decide how much of that rich prize will become a management surplus that can be collected. Choose a good master and let yourself be guided 😉


Like any good earning program, Goaltycoon also has its affiliation. Each affiliate team generates 10% of the earnings earned from the awards to the master. You also get a GOLD bonus daily for your active referrals. If the promotion is your weak point, do not worry: on Goaltycoon you will be able to buy other clubs. Yes, you can ever sell your referrals to other gamers and you can buy referrals from others. So you will always have the opportunity to have affiliate teams, even if you don’t do promotion.

The minimum withdraw is € 20 and you will also have the opportunity to access to the Free Market, or a Peer-to-Peer collection system, where the needs of those who want to cash out and those who want to deposit are met. If you are not interested in earning money, you can also play for fun or pure competition.

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