HideoutTV: earn watching video | Review

HideoutTV is a platform similar to Youtube, on which you can register for free and start earning by watching videos. The operation is very simple and if you like to always go hunting for new videos or listen to music online, HideoutTV could give you one more reason to browse.



How HideoutTV works

The operation of HideoutTV is very simple. Just register, log into your account and choose a channel that interests you (ranging from music to recipes). Once you’ve chosen the right channel for you, you can also let the automatic playback do the rest. Nothing could be simpler.


Earnings and Reward Points

Earnings on HideoutTV are credited as Reward Points. The RPs you get will not be converted into cash directly by Hideout, but will be transferred to the budget of one of the many affiliate partner sites, from which you can make the actual cashout. You can cashout on any sites that support AdscendMedia offerwall.

The platform recognizes a reward more or less after displaying one (on the best days) or more videos followed by an advertisement. Normally the credit is of three rewards points (but in some days the credits are greater). Upon reaching 9 Reward Points it is already possible to withdraw (eg Cointiply: 51 coins every 9 points). 



How to withdraw your earnings

To withdraw your earnings you will need to associate the account of the partner site of your choice. Once the connection has been verified, go to the LOYALTY PROGRAM REWARDS area (you can easily access this page by opening the menu on the right, clicking on the profile icon). Then the budget summary and the list of connected accounts will appear as follows:

hideout.tv points

Click on the green button, choose the account on which you want to withdraw and confirm it. Your Reward Points will instantly turn into withdrawable cash on your chosen account


How to connect an account

Any account of gain sites on which AdScend Media is present can be linked to Hideout. Enter on the program you want to connect (in our case we choose Cointiply), select Offerwall and search for AdScendMedia. Choose Video on the menu. Now you just have to click on the green reward button to be connected to Hideout.TV, which will record your visit and link the partner site with your ID.


Affiliate program

Hideout also offers an affiliate program. You can invite all the people you want to register and the fees are as follows:

  • 1-500 members: 10%
  • 500+ members: 15%

A great incentive to always do your best. In conclusion we find that Hideout.tv is an excellent support for all those who use online earnings programs and do not want to waste time with offers like surveys or apps to download. Hideout is simple, fast and allows you to easily increase earnings on your favourite GPT sites.

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