PAWNS: earn passively with your PC | Review

PAWNS is an application for Windows and Mac that we have recently tested, which allows you to easily make money by renting the unused power of your internet network. The site is safe, free to use and paying.




PAWNS basically allows you to transform your internet connection into a passive income resource. We often use a fraction of our bandwidth, so much of our network power is lost. IPRoyal, through its app, recovers the unused part of your internet connection to offer services to its customers.

But how exactly does it work? Have you ever used a proxy to access blocked content in your geographic area? Proxies allow you to bypass the limits and, through the use of an IP address from another country, allows you to access the censored content. Well, that IP address that you used to be able to browse without censorship is offered by other users, which allow you to use a different IP address and location.

Using other IP addresses not only serves to access censored content, but also has practical use for many professionals. For example, if a developer is launching an app on the market and wants to see if the app is working correctly in different countries, he will need to use other IP addresses to be able to carry out tests. Other fields of use can be: marketing, market research, SEO, etc. IPROYAL therefore allows you to access this market and securely offer  part of your internet connection and earn from it (traffic is encrypted to protect your privacy).




Starting to make money with the PAWNS app is really simple. The app is very light, does not create navigation problems and can work in the background. The application is only for PC, windows or mac.


To start, visit the PAWNS website and create a new account by clicking on SIGN UP. Enter your username, email and password.


iproyal home page and sign up

After creating your account, log in to the site, click on DOWNLOAD and select the version that best suits your PC. Download and install the application.

Iproyal download

After installing the application, you only need to click on the app icon by logging in using the username and password used for registration. The app works in backgrounds and you can continue browsing the internet without problems.


PAWNS will pay you $ 0.20 for 1 GB of traffic plus 10% from your referral earnings. The earning speed depends on various factors, such as the request for a specific location and the speed of your internet connection. Payments can be requested starting from $1 via Paypal or Bitcoin.

The application did not show any anomalous interactions and did not affect our work on the PC. Small bug we found is that the app crashes when we have many windows open for a long time and we browse many heavy sites at the same time. The icon remains active in the toolbar, but the app is no longer working. To understand if it is working, click on any point on the interface, if the window disappears it means that it has undergone a stop. So click again on the icon you have on your desktop to activate it again.

The site is tested and paying. You’ll not become rich, but it is an interesting resource as it allows you to earn passively. Its use does not disturb, just activate it and then it will do everything by itself in background.

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