MoonStake: high BNB staking reward system | Review

MoonStake is a project that allows you to earn from staking in a completely passive way. MS is part of a network active since 2009 including numerous sites in the crypto and advertising fields. The project currently allows to obtain a yield of about 70% per year which, through the re-stake, can reach an APY of about 170%. MoonStake is based on Binance Smart Chain, so all compensation will be credited in Binance Coin. In addition to staking, it allows you to get Binance Coin for free for every Admin News read, plus a faucet with instant payment on FaucetPay.




Staking is one of the most popular activities on the cryptocurrency market, which allows you to earn passively simply by blocking your cryptocurrencies. The DEX are project that offer high reward for staking and liquidity providing, but not all users approach this type of site. In practice, MoonStake acts as a bridge, allowing even those who do not work with this type of platform to exploit their potential in a simple way. MoonStake identifies and invests in the best opportunities that offer the highest return, guaranteeing liquidity lenders a return of at least 70% annually. Through the re-stake of your earnings, this return can be as high as 170%.

MoonStake operates and works on Binance Smart Chain, therefore all compensation will be credited in Binance Coin. Deposits are possible in Binance Coin, Tron, Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin and Bitcoin.




MoonStake’s operation is very simple and intuitive. This will allow you, even if you’re unfamiliar with smart contracts and Dex, to start earning from highly paid staking opportunities.

To start earning you will need to purchase Stake Units. Each block costs 0.001 BNB. First, go to deposit and make a deposit of at least 0.003 BNB. If you don’t own BNB, you can buy them on Binance.


moonstake how to deposit


As soon as your deposit is credited, you are ready to stake. A transaction fee of BNB 0.0001 will be applied for each operation. Click on + to add funds to the pool, select the amount of Stake Units to purchase based on your availability and click on ADD STAKE. You can remove your funds at any time by clicking on –


moonstake how to buy stake units
moonstake add stakes


Accreditations will take place more or less every hour. To add the earnings obtained from staking by increasing your share, you will first have to transfer the funds to the wallet, after which I could buy new shares by repeating the previous operations. In this case you will pay two operations: 0.0001 BNB to collect the profit and another 0.0001 BNB to stake.


moonstake collect money



Moonstake also has a faucet for those who want to earn some Binance Coins completely free. The opportunity is available to all FaucetPay users. Connect your BNB address to FaucetPay, then copy it into the form in the faucet and press GET REWARD to receive an instant payment on FaucetPay. (If you don’t know how to connect your address to FaucetPay, read our guide). You can make a request every hour.


moonstake faucet
moonstake payments



Moonstake is a simple and easy to use project, which allows you to indirectly exploit the enormous possibilities offered by the world of decentralized finance. The project is paying and can benefit from a good reputation by being connected to a network that has launched successful projects on the advertising and crypto market since 2009.





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