PipeFlare: earn crypto by playing for free | Review

PipeFlare is a very popular platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies in various ways, including playing completely free games. In addition to games, PipeFlare offers faucet, airdrop, staking, and NFT.


PipeFlare is a completely free program that will allow you to distract yourself and spend some time playing free games and get some cryptocurrencies. The site allows you to earn ZCash, Matic and 1Flare (native cryptocurrency). To start earning you just need to create a free account. Once you have created your account, first set up the address of the ZCash wallet on which you want to receive payments. Follow EARN> DAILY REWARDS from the top menu and then scroll down the page until you reach this part of the page:

PipeFlare faucet and walle setup

Paste your wallet address into the form and then click on setup (if you don’t have a Zcash wallet you can try using FaucetPay). Also set up the MATIC wallet (if you need a wallet that supports MATIC try NEXO and receive interest on daily basis). Once you have set up the two wallets you can use the ZCASH and MATIC faucet daily in this section. PipeFlare will periodically automatically payout the Zcash earnings. For MATIC, on the other hand, there is a minimum of 0.25 and you will have to make the request manually.

Now that you have set up your wallets you can move on to the games section (which are the most highly paid part of the site). There are 5 games that will allow you to earn up to $50 of Zcash weekly. Then there are other games that will not bring you any profit but will allow you to have fun.

PipeFlare Game

All the games with which you can earn are those that have the words TOTAL PRIZE: 10 DAI. Getting the rewards is very simple: just play a few games of all the paid games. Prizes are awarded on a weekly basis and payments are made automatically. Each game has a leaderboard: to get the prize you will need to place yourself in the top 300 players. The higher your ranking, the higher the prize.

PipeFlare Rewards


For basic users the maximum prize for each game is $2 in Zcash per week. For Premium users, the maximum prize for each game is $10. A Premium user therefore has the opportunity to earn up to $ 50 per week simply by playing. 



As you play you will find that to earn points you will have to earn coins. Some coins are gold, others are purple. The purple coins are 1Flare, which is a piece of PipeFlare’s native token. Each time you get a coin it will be added to your account. Accumulating 1Flare is very simple and fast, you can decide to keep it in your PipeFlare budget to buy lives or other items for games, membership, NFT, referrals or you can stake it on the site to get interest. 1Flare can be exchanged for other tokens through the Polygon Matic Network on Dex such as QuickSwap or SushiSwap. Among the wallets that support 1Flare are Metamask and TrustWallet. The market value of 1Flare is currently very low and the wisest thing is to use it within the PipeFlare platform to earn more.




There are several pools on PipeFlare that distribute crypto on a monthly basis. Each pool has different requirements to receive a share of the airdrop (e.g. have 1Flare in the balance sheet, stake 1Flare, subscribe to a Premium account, etc.). Distribution takes place in ZEC and MATIC. It may be a good idea to start earning the 1Flare token for free and use it to subscribe to one of the Premium packages, not only to get more rewards from the games, but also to participate in the more exclusive Airdrops.




PipeFlare is a very nice project, a nice pastime with which you can also to get some crypto as well. Have you ever thought how great it would be if free games apps could pay you for the time you spend playing? With PipeFlare you can do it. For us it is passed with flying colors. Definitely better than many faucets / ptc.

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